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Virtual Conference for Educators: Collaborate, Innovate & Elevate

Are you looking to connect with passionate educators from around the world? Then, I have the perfect event for you! If you caught the conference last year, you already know that Engage by Kognity is an action-packed virtual conference for educators. In today’s blog post, I’ll share some of the highlights for the 2022 event and give you all the details on how to get a free ticket.

At Engage by Kognity earlier this year, more than 2,000 educators from over 100 countries joined in for the conference. On February 10th, Engage by Kognity will bring the global educator community together for a full-day virtual conference. It will include discussions, roundtables, and workshops on how to elevate your everyday teaching practices. During the event, you’ll hear inspiring messages from world-class speakers. And you’ll hear about best practices in bridging pedagogy and technology and how to put them into action.

The first 100 people to sign up get a free ticket with discount code MONICA100 >>

Virtual Conference for Educators

This February, Engage by Kognity is returning — and you’re invited! As I mentioned above, this year’s virtual conference was lots of fun (watch the highlights here), and I’m excited about the 2022 conference! This upcoming event includes three big themes: collaborate, innovate, and elevate.

As you collaborate at this conference, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with thousands of educators from all around the world. You’ll have a chance to explore new and familiar EdTech tools throughout the event. This conference includes an opportunity to join in on roundtables and workshops throughout the conference.

As you innovate at this conference, get inspired by world-class speakers who will lead conversations around education topics. You can listen in and learn as experts in the fields of pedagogy and technology share innovations in the space. This is a great way to kick-off 2022 and gather ideas for the rest of the school year.

As you elevate at this conference, hear how to take new ideas and tools back into your school, classroom, district, or organization. The conference will include hands-on exercises and opportunities to explore best practices. And you’ll hear plenty of tips to improve your efficiency while reducing workload.

Last year I presented two sessions at the conference. This year on February 10th, I’m excited to return to host two live sessions during this special event! And if you’d like to join me at this event for free, use the code MONICA100 to sign up and get a free ticket with my discount code.

Looking to connect with passionate educators from around the world? Engage by Kognity is an action-packed virtual conference for educators.

Engage by Kognity

You’ll hear from a variety of guest speakers at the event including keynotes from activist and former Minister of Education, Rangina Hamidi and National Board Certified Teacher from The Cult of Pedagogy, Jennifer Gonzalez. Rangina Hamidi will speak on the topic of “The foundation for progress: An educator’s role in shaping society.” And Jennifer Gonzalez will speak about “The 4 Laws of Learning.”

Tips for Attending a Virtual Conference 

If you’ve listened to my Easy EdTech Podcast in the past, you might remember this episode with tips for webinars (listen here). Attending a virtual conference has many perks. For example, building out your schedule without worrying if a room will fill up. And of course, having your beverage of choice handy without waiting on a super long coffee shop line, are definitely on my list.

When attending a virtual conference like Engage by Kognity, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the experience:

  • Anticipate Questions: After reviewing the description for the session, jot down the questions you would like answered during the event.
  • Get Charged: Part of finding a comfortable spot to watch a virtual event is making sure your devices are at full charge and ready to go. So if you anticipate the power running out on your device, you’ll want to make sure your charger is handy.
  • All the Snacks: If we’ve met at a conference before, you’ve probably seen me holding a cup of tea or searching for hot water. I like to make sure a few snacks are just a reach away for virtual events, too.
  • Take Notes: Before the session begins, determine where and how you will take notes. You might set up a folder in your Google Drive. Thie way you can have a new Google Doc for each virtual conference you attend in 2022. 

Will you join us at Engage by Kognity? The first 100 people to sign up get a free ticket with the discount code MONICA100. Just use this link and add the code when you register for this virtual conference for educators.

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