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How to Launch Your Own STEM Academy with Brite

Have you thought about starting a STEM Academy program at your school or district? Do you have an after-school program and want to expand into STEM and coding? There are lots of benefits to creating programs that include computer science and coding elements. But even when you know that this type of program is essential and you want to launch your own, it can be hard to know where to start.

Earlier this spring, I was chatting with a district administrator in Texas. She shared some of her goals for reaching students this summer. One of the things she mentioned was a commitment to introducing supplemental programming for students. Her list of programs included a focus on STEM areas like coding. If you are at a school interested in computer science, leading an after-school program, or a member of a PTSA who wants to start a coding club in their school or district, Brite has you covered.

When the team at Brite reached out to me this year, I was interested to see what the phrase “STEM Academy in a box” really looked like in action. In this blog post, I’ll share Brite and their resources for launching a STEM Academy.

Launch Your Own STEM Academy

Brite is a platform for schools and districts that is new on the scene. With this tool, you can create your own fully customizable online or in-person STEM Academy. From the design elements to the content, you can decide what to include for your organization’s own program.

In the video below (and linked here), you can see some of the reasons coding is a topic students see the value in, too. If students and families ask for this type of program, or you know that this type of programming could benefit your community, it might be hard to decide exactly where to start. This is where Brite comes into play.

From game development with a Minecraft or Roblox spin to creating 3D games in Unity, there are many options for students. You might find that students are asking to learn about a particular aspect of game and web development. Or you might find that students, “Don’t know what they don’t know,” and you can introduce a few options to them before diving in together.

Brite is a turn-key solution that lets you create a customized program that fits your organization’s unique needs. It can help students in your community become game and web developers through a comprehensive curriculum. The team at Brite provides schools, districts, and organizations with curriculum, tools, and resources that are essentially a turn-key solution. With these resources, you can kick start your own STEM Academy — it’s essentially a “STEM Academy in a Box.”

Start a STEM Academy

Would you like to start your own STEM Academy? Or bring STEM and coding concepts into your after-school program? If you are a school, district, PTSA, or organization interested in creating a customized program, Brite has you covered. With this tool, you’ll get access to a few core features that make it easy to launch a program — without having to develop a curriculum or platform from scratch.

Brite gives organizations access to:

  • Content Management with a structured curriculum you can customize and deliver to your students.
  • Student Management so you can manage the roster of your STEM Academy or program with just a few clicks.
  • Family Management allows families to access resources and updates quickly.
  • Student Progress Management to keep track of students working through content in a self-paced manner. This way you can see what each student is working on at a given time.

To get your own program started, head over to this landing page. You can learn all about Brite and how to get started with this platform. The team at Brite is in the early stages of reaching out to schools and districts, so if you’d like to get one of their limited spots and lock in their current pricing levels, use this link to request a quote and get in contact with their team.

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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