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HIVE Control Cloud-Based AV for Any State of Learning

Do you have a comprehensive AV solution at your school? HIVE Control is a cloud-based AV control platform for schools and districts. It is a scalable, affordable, easy-to-manage AV solution for K-12 learning environments. Hall Technologies has made significant improvements to the three major pillars in AV systems to help create a more seamless learning environment. These improvements include software, interface, and hardware.

If you’ve taught in a classroom with various devices and technologies, you know managing all of these pieces can be challenging. This challenge is present when students are in traditional, physical classrooms and during hybrid and remote learning experiences, too.

The team behind HIVE Control has created a solution to address all of these issues. In this blog post, we’ll dive into all of these resources together!

HIVE Control Cloud-Based AV

How does HIVE Control work? As you can see in the video below (and linked here), HIVE Control seamlessly ties together various educational technology components in a classroom. Hall Technologies has designed HIVE Control to be an infinitely scalable system for your needs of managing technology as the number of resources grow.

You can jump between document cameras and laptop mirroring as you model for your class or ask students to share their work. Teachers can control the AV equipment with a single click of a button.

Learn about the HIVE Control here >>

Setting up HIVE Control

They have centralized the setup and control through an intuitive cloud-based dashboard. It allows administrators access to configure, modify, and manage everything in one place. Customizing your control panel is made simple with their drag-and-drop interface builder. This means schools can customize their control panel. Of course, you’ll have access to ready-to-use templates. But I love that there is an option to customize the interface, too.

The picture below gives you a sense of the HIVE Control setup options. From the administrator dashboard, you can move the controls into specific spots and customize the classroom experience. When anyone visits a room in your building, they will see that the HIVE Control is set up to that space’s particular specifications. If you’ve set up these systems in the past, you know there is typically an element of programming involved, not with HIVE Control. Hall Technologies has removed the complexity from AV control. They have has designed HIVE Control to be simple to set up and use.

HIVE Control is a cloud-based AV control platform for schools and districts. It is a scalable, affordable, easy-to-manage AV solution for K-12.

The HIVE Touch is an all-in-one touch panel interface with built-in HIVE Node Technology. As you might have seen in the YouTube video above, this is the control interface for teachers. With just a few taps on the screen, they can control all of the AV and automation devices in a room. The interface is designed to make it simple to tap on a screen and start your class.

All Learning Environments

With HIVE Control, schools and districts can access a cloud-based AV solution for any learning environment students might encounter over the start of the school year. HIVE-enabled classrooms use technology to promote student and teacher engagement and improve how students interact with their classmates.

You can monitor and remotely support AV systems in classrooms throughout your building from a school and district level. So if a particular classroom needs support, you can jump in right away to support them. This system also allows administrators to provide maintenance and firmware updates over the air.

HIVE Control is a cloud-based AV control platform for schools and districts. It is a scalable, affordable, easy-to-manage AV solution for K-12.

Cloud-Based AV for Schools

Although other solutions can be costly, the team behind HIVE Control has developed a more affordable option, explicitly tailored to K-12 education. Instead of the normal licensing fees a typical AV solution charges, HIVE Control uses a subscription model. This subscription model doesn’t charge schools by the number of rooms or have upfront fees.This makes it more flexible and cost-effective than many other AV solutions.

Ready to start using HIVE Control? Head over to this special landing page to learn more about HIVE Control.

HIVE Control was recently one of the Winners of the 2021 Best Remote & Blended Learning Tools by Tech&Learning Magazine. And of course, you can follow along with Hall Technologies on Twitter @HallTechAV, Instagram @HallTechAV, and Facebook @HallTechnologiesAV, too.

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Blog Author and EdTech Consultant Dr. Monica Burns

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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