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Answerables: A Learning Management System Inside a Video Game

When you think of a learning management system (LMS), a video game is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. This was definitely how I felt when I sat down with Mark Wu, CEO of NEXED, the team behind Answerables. We met at SXSWedu this year, and Mark showed off his new LMS. Answerables combines the best parts of video games with managing student workflows in the classroom.

The goal of a learning management system is to keep students organized, provide the resources they need in real-time, and create an online space to facilitate learning activities. You might already use an LMS in your school or explored some options for managing resources in your classroom. But if you haven’t heard of Answerables, I’m pretty sure it’s like nothing you’ve seen before!

Video Game LMS

With Answerables, students dive into a video game environment as they accomplish the same things you’ll traditionally see in an LMS. This means your students will have access to their coursework in a space that looks similar to the video games they play outside of the classroom. In the video below, you can get a feel for what Answerables looks like in action – along with the mission of this tool.

Answerables is a virtual world designed for students and teachers. This space facilitates authentic learning experiences that connect to your content area goals and student interests. Teachers can use Answerables to provide an online space for students to manage their learning. Within Answerables, students can access a library of interactive resources. You can use this space to plan lessons and stay organized, while students can get ready to create, collaborate and dive into resources that are hand-picked just for them!

When you think about your vision of a learning management system in your classroom, what would you like to accomplish? Answerables provides a space where teachers can create unlimited virtual classrooms. You can add and manage student accounts the same way you would expect to in an online space for students. There is the ability to upload, grade and track student assignments. You’ll also have access to a lesson planning tool right from within Answerables.

Answerables LMS for Schools

Have you ever seen a child playing a favorite video game? Answerables combines the best of aspects of a learning management system with a three-dimensional, multiplayer online learning space. There are badges for achievements and quest-based resources for students. Answerables also gives teachers the ability to customize the learning experiences for all children in your classroom.

Answerables is able to integrate with a school or district’s current LMS. So if you’re already using an LMS, Answerables can add a layer of engagement you might currently be lacking. They’ve partnered with schools in the past to make this happen — including Google Docs integration!

Answerables lets teachers take course content in any subject area and place it in a student-friendly online space. Teachers have access to a library of interactives. There is also the ability to manage all of the digital content from your classroom in one place. You also have the oppotunity to build lessons from within Answerables to differentiate learning experiences for your students.

Those of you who have checked out my book Tasks Before Apps: Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom, know how I feel about collaboration. It’s essential! I’m excited that collaborative learning is a component of Answerables! Students can take part in live voice, video and text chat with their peers. This feature can help students provide support to their classmates and participate in a peer feedback loop.

Special Pilot Opportunity for Teachers

The team at Answerables is doing something special for the beginning of the school year. They are looking for 10-12 schools to participate in a pilot program to kick off the school year. From now until the end of 2018, you can use Answerables with your class completely free if you are chosen to be part of the pilot.

All you have to do is fill out this form, and you’ll hear back from an Answerables team member. They’ll share more about this special pilot so you can make sure it’s the perfect fit for your students this school year!

Click here to request a spot in this special pilot opportunity for teachers!

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