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Legends of Learning Science Games for Kids

April 29, 2018

What does gaming have to do with test prep? The team at Legends of Learning have created a set of online resources for students and teachers. With hundreds of science games for kids in elementary and middle school, their website has standards-based science games and assessments for the science classroom.

Legends of Learning was designed to make science content review and test prep more fun and purposeful for students. Teachers have an extensive collection of resources to explore to find the very best content to share with their students. They can handpick the resources that connect to the learning goals in their classroom to provide relevant, engaging opportunities for students to interact with course material.

Science Games for Kids

Legends of Learning Science Games for KidsHow does it work? You can visit Legends of Learning’s website to sign up for a free account. Once you log in you can take a look at their library of 1,000 science games for kids designed specifically for students in third grade through eighth grade. Legends of Learning lets teachers create playlists. This way you have the power to curate the very best science games for their group of students. You can decide what games students will play depending on the learning goal for an upcoming lesson. It may also connect to the material you’d like your students to review. After you’ve created your playlist of games, you can share it with students so they can jump in and get started.

When might you introduce these science games for kids? Legends of Learning is designed to support students who are exploring new course content or preparing for science assessments. They are aligned with national and state standards to make sure the content in each game covers the appropriate, relevant course material for your students. You might use these games as part of a blended learning station rotation. Or you might use them within a flipped classroom model. Alternatively, you could recommend the science games to families who want to support their children outside of the classroom.

Games for Science Test Prep

Legends of Learning has a wide range of science games for kids. These games help students practice core concepts while in the midst of test prep. Their science game collection includes three major categories all with subtopics to explore. The collections include Earth and Space Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Some of the games you’ll find cover topics like lunar phases, adaptations, and biodiversity. You’ll definitely find something that connects to your curriculum goals for the school year.

When you click on each subtopic, you’ll see all the games within that category. You’ll also find  information on what is covered. Each game within a category also has a short description of what is covered. There is also an estimated duration so you have a sense of right away of how long each one takes to play. For example, the Changing Temperatures series includes ten different games that explore concepts related to temperature. On the series landing page, you’ll find detailed information on the content covered around this topic so you can make sure it aligns with your instructional goals.

Head over to Legends of Learning’s website to learn more about how science games can be used for test prep in your classroom!

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  1. I used LoL in my class, one of my favorites for teaching is a game called The Incredible Life Machine. It teaches the inheritance of organisms and different reactions to its characteristics over time in some environments.

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