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Gift Ideas for Teachers: iPad Classroom Gift Guide

Over the past year I’ve worked with schools across the country who leverage the power of different types of technology to meet the needs of their students. Last week I posted a gift guide for teachers that spotlighted a few ideas for teachers in a Chromebook classroom. I was so excited about the response that I thought I would compile an iPad classroom gift guide with gift ideas for teachers who love iPads too.

This list includes a few personal favorites, some suggestions from EdTech friends you should add to your Twitter-follow list, and plenty of teacher gift ideas for those educators who use iPads inside and outside of their classroom.

Gift Ideas for Teachers: iPad Classroom Gift Guide

iCloth Screen Cleaner

A few years ago the team at iCloth sent me a handful of their screen cleaners to try out. Now I carry these disposable iPad cleaning cloths with me in my laptop case – so just about everywhere I go. The iCloth box of screen cleaners are a great class gift for teachers who like to keep their personal screens and classroom devices clean.

If I Were a Wizard

Fellow Apple Distinguished Educator released a book I shared on my site in this post earlier this year. In this picture book, students are introduced to a variety of coding concepts through storytelling. The main character of the book imagines that they are a wizard who can make the lives of their family members and friends better. Within the pages of If I Were a Wizard students will hear examples of coding principles in action.

Nutkase for iPad

Last month I spoke at ICE Indiana sharing lots of my favorite tips and strategies for teachers. While I was at this event, I met the founder of Nutkase, a company that makes a variety of cases for iPads in the classroom. They gave me one of their bright blue iPad mini cases that I absolutely love. It has a screen cover, a stand and is super sturdy. You might grab one of these in a teacher’s favorite color or pick up an Amazon gift card and leave this as a suggestion.

Chibitronics LED Circuit Stickers

Awesome Texas educator Lisa Johnson recommended this favorite to add to our list. These circuit stickers are LED circuits on peel-and-stick stickers so students can build circuits without the usual steps of soldering or plugging wires. Students can use the stickers with conductive tapes to explore how to build circuits while the create interactive pieces of art. Check out Lisa’s website and blog post on scrapnotes for more great tips.

Innovate with iPads

Another fantastic read from a pair of fellow ADEs is Innovate with iPad which includes more than 60 lessons that teachers can tailor to the needs of their students. In this book by Karen Lirenman and Kristen Wideen you’ll find lots of ideas different subject areas so the teacher you give this book to will be able to locate the perfect lesson for their classroom.

Ring Light for Camera

Although the screen of an iPad can light up most rooms, you may want to gift this tiny light that attaches to an iPad (and other devices) to a techy teacher. It’s a great choice for teachers who love to read on their device or like to spend time outdoors where a reading light might come in handy. This camera is also perfect for selfies, so teachers who have students record reflection videos might like this for a class device too.

Tablet Strap Holder

On last year’s list of gifts for techy teachers, I shared this iPad-friendly tool that is definitely still a favorite. This tablet strap holder works with a wide range of devices including an iPad. It makes a portable device even easier to use for people who are on the move around their classroom. This useful low-cost gift idea is a great last-minute teacher gift idea.

Stylus Sling

Fellow Book Creator Ambassador Beth Holland suggested I add the super cool Stylus Sling to this list of gift ideas for iPad teachers. It is a very convenient iPad accessory for anyone who uses an Apple Pencil with their device. The Stylus Sling lets you easily attach an Apple Pencil to their iPad and it is a great gift choice for someone who loves to sketchnote, draw or do just about anything with this powerful stylus.


I have to say that I was a little skeptical about the AirPods the first time I saw them. Using an Apple Gift Card earlier this year, I snagged a pair and absolutely love them. They haven’t fallen out of my ears yet and the audio quality is fantastic. Although this price point is definitely high for a solo gift, if you’re looking for a class gift for teachers in your school, this might be one worth starting a collection for this year.

Task Before Apps

My new book from ASCD was released in October and features lots of ideas for teachers looking to move beyond just one website or app in their classroom. For teachers in an iPad classroom, you’ll find strategies, tips and ideas they can use throughout the school year. If you know the teacher you have in mind for this gift takes part in PLCs or book clubs, they’ll find guides and planning pages in this book too.

Do you have a favorite to add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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