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Free Webinar: Checking for Understanding During Cross-Curricular Reading Activities

October 23, 2017

What are your favorite strategies for checking for understanding in the reading classroom? I’m excited to partner with the folks at Kids Discover for a special webinar taking place next week! On Tuesday, October 31st, I’m hosting a webinar titled “Checking for Understanding During Cross-Curricular Reading Activities.” This totally free webinar is designed to give you strategies to take back to your classroom or to the teachers you support. It will include actionable tips and ready-for-tomorrow ideas to help you check for understanding as students dive into text across the content areas.

Kids Discover is an award-winning library of science and social studies material that is accessible on any device, at any time. I love how it provides students and teachers access to high-quality reading material. It’s perfect for reading across content areas. Kids Discover’s website includes lots of free content for students and teachers. There is also plenty of extras for subscribers – such as assessment tools and access to the full library of resources. If your students are using Clever or Google accounts, Kids Discover has compatible single sign-on with these tools. You’ll also find interactive reading content at multiple Lexile levels. This way you can tailor materials to the needs of your students.

Free Webinar: Checking for Understanding During Cross-Curricular Reading Activities

In next week’s webinar I’ll focus on how to check for understanding as students dive into reading activities across subject areas. Including:

  • Questions to ask readers
  • When to pause for discussions
  • How to check for background knowledge
  • Ways to monitor student comprehension
  • Ready-for-tomorrow strategies for your classroom

Anyone who registers for this webinar will be entered for a chance to win a copy of my new book Taming the Wild Text: Literacy Strategies for Today’s Reader.

Date: October 31, 2017

Time: 5PM ET

To register for the free webinar – visit this page!  Not sure if you can make it? You can still register for the event. This way so you’ll receive a link to the recording… and enter to win a copy of Taming the Wild Text!

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