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ClassTag Parent Communication Tool Helps You Reach Families

August 23, 2017

Last year I was introduced to ClassTag and had a chance to connect with their team. It’s been lots of fun hearing about the ways teachers are using this parent communication tool in their classroom. As you can see in the video below, it is a popular tool in classrooms across the country and I even featured them in my book #FormativeTech to share the importance of connecting families with everyday classroom experiences.


ClassTag Parent Communication Tool to Help You Reach Every Family

This year the team at ClassTag has a handful of new features you’ll definitely want to check out! Here is an overview of new features to explore as you head back to school.

Reach parents on any device or if they don’t have a device at all

ClassTag is available as a website and mobile app. It will notify parents according to their preferences as an SMS message or email. ClassTag’s Smart Assistant monitors how families are reading your communications and will recommend to print flyers for families who are offline or need a reminder.

Connect with parents in their native language from initial invite through all communications

The team at ClassTag has just released an automated translation feature that would help remove language barriers when communicating with parents. As you invite parents to your class account, you can set the language for them and they will start receiving the communications in their language even before they join in. ClassTag already supports 50+ languages, with more to be added shortly.

Save time with automated newsletters and smart reminders for any activities you organize

ClassTag teachers have access to automation designed to save time spent on follow-ups and reminders. Once you organize an activity, the platform creates personalized reminders based on family needs and even creates a weekly summary. This newsletter gives families a look at the upcoming week automatically.

Visibility into who is reading and engaging with communication

ClassTag helps you not only reach parents but provide clarity on who is reading messages and who hasn’t accessed online content. Everything on ClassTag is trackable from announcements, events, signups and conversations with parents to overall readership and engagement overtime by family.

ClassTag lets you access all of these features and simplify communications in one spot. This includes everything from communications with the whole class to sharing messages with volunteers. You can even organize parent teacher conferences and share pictures and videos with your community.

Check out ClassTag by visiting their website or download iOS or Android app. You can also check out their Reach Every Parent Movement by following the hashtag #pledge100 on Twitter! This Wednesday, August 23rd, a ClassTag is hosting a live webinar where you can hear a ClassTag teacher share her experience and favorite parent engagement tactics: Grab your seat here.

Looking for more resources on ClassTag, here’s another post.

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