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ABCmouse for Schools: Early Elementary Learning Activities for Students

June 24, 2017

Which tech resources are you using for preschool to 2nd grade? Quality digital resources for young learners can be hard to find, but ABCmouse for Schools has packaged over 8,500 learning activities across subjects for use in the classroom and at home. There have even been a handful of large-scale research studies showing how ABCmouse can accelerate learning and help children make gains in early literacy and math skills.

Early Elementary Learning Activities

ABCmouse for Schools is a comprehensive early learning solution designed to support teachers and empower young learners. Their activities help kids build a strong foundation for academic success with a digital curriculum for preschool through second grade. There is full home access for all students. You’ll also find teacher training and professional development. This is designed to help classroom educators integrate ABCmouse into the teaching day. This includes whole-group, small-group, and individual practice. You’ll also find progress reporting through a real-time Leadership Dashboard. There is rostering and data management that includes integration with Clever for automated data synchronization.



After launching at ISTE last year, the ABCmouse for Schools team has implemented in dozens of schools and districts. Just in time for the 2017-2018 school year, there are several new product features for ABCmouse. It will make it even easier for teachers to use ABCmouse in their instructional day. These updates can also help for administrators to see the results, and for families to further engage in students’ learning.

ABCmouse for Schools

For the upcoming school year, teachers will find a reimagined Teacher Homepage. It will help teachers plan and build lessons, teach in whole-group, small-group, or individual instruction, and monitor class progress. There is also implementation support that focuses on helping teachers accomplish readiness goals for all their students, starting with preschool.

This school year, administrators will find Student Information System (SIS) Integration to streamline the process of rostering and gathering ongoing data about progress and usage at the district, school, class, and student level. In addition, an enhanced Leadership Dashboard allows for real-time usage monitoring. It drills down from the district to the individual student level.

Activities for Students

Students and families can now access key ABCmouse activities without Internet connectivity through a series of apps for use on mobile devices. A new Mastering Math app is the first in a series of adaptive game-based apps that help children build a strong understanding of fundamental math concepts. Additionally, more than 100 Spanish-language learning activities have been added to ABCmouse; a total of 800 will be available by the end of 2017. A Spanish-language toggle for navigation will also appear in the fall, making it easier for Spanish-speaking parents to access ABCmouse.

Check out the ABCmouse for Schools website to learn more!

If you’re going to ISTE this year, visit ABCmouse and learn more about ABCmouse for Schools at the PR with Panache Storytelling Suite: The Stetson Room at Hilton Palacio del Rio or Dr. Brandee Ramirez’s session: “Differentiating Instruction with Educational Technology in Early Elementary” on Tuesday, June 27th from 10:15–11:15 am at 217A (Table 1).


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