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Qmod Energy Kit for Hands-On Learning Experiences

May 5, 2017

How do students explore electricity in your classroom? Qmod is an educational toy designed by a team of engineers and educators with the goal of helping students experiment and invent with electricity. It combines technology with common, everyday objects to help students learn about energy. With Qmod, students can experience the science of energy through hands-on explorations. They will create new inventions with the energy they have learned to harness. Students will also investigate electricity beyond the pages of a textbook.

Energy Kit

Right now on Kickstarter, you will find Qmod’s new Energy Kit. The kit includes the Qmod Energy Block (an energy harvesting device), as well as an interactive game that focuses on the potential of clean, accessible energy. The video below provides an overview of the Kickstarter project which is also outlined on their project page.

Hands-On Learning

The Qmod Energy Block lets kids easily harness energy from everyday objects including different plants. Once students charge the Energy Block they can experiment and play games with the energy they have harnessed. The Qmod Energy Block can actually harness up to 5V of energy so students can power a range of devices. 

I love the idea of having students look at everyday objects in completely new ways. The Qmod Energy Block is perfect for a unit on electricity. It could also be part of a makerspace where students can explore their interests outside of your course content. The Energy Block comes in three different colors and like most Kickstarter projects there are a few different ways to support Qmod in their quest. When you visit their Kickstarter page you will see the different options available to project backers. You’ll also learn a bit more about the company’s history.

Check out Qmod’s Energy Kit by visiting their Kickstarter page!

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