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Blended Learning Program Lexia Reading Core5 for Fundamental Literacy Skills

Are you using a blended learning program in your classroom? Lexia Reading Core5 is a research-based program for students in PreK through fifth grade. It is friendly for schools with lots of different types of technology. Lexia Reading Core5 provides norm-referenced data for teachers to help make instructional decisions for individual students. Instead of taking a test, the activities students complete gather information on student progress, mastery and needs, providing guidance for teachers.

Blended Learning Program Lexia Reading Core5

Lexia Reading Core5 is used in lots of different settings, for all students in a classroom, including English Language Learner support and intervention. Core5 identifies personalized learning paths for students and offers explicit instruction for readers and writers. Since Core5 adapts to target skill gaps, students work through exercises that support their individual needs. Lexia Reading Core5 is popular in learning environments that are one-to-one or have a few devices for students to use in a rotation, as well as computer labs.

When Lexia Reading Core5 is used during center rotations, students work independently online or offline on activities that are based on their skill level, and those students who are struggling work in small, teacher-led groups – making it both student-driven and teacher-directed personalized learning. The video below provides an overview of the big ideas behind the Core5 program. It will certainly give you a feel for what implementation looks like in the classroom.

Fundamental Literacy Skills with Lexia Reading Core5

Core5 supports six areas of reading. This includes: (1) phonological awareness, (2) phonics, (3) structural analysis, (4) automaticity/fluency, (5) vocabulary, and (6) comprehension. The Core5 website breaks down each area into more detail. The embedded assessment provides ongoing, actionable data in these areas. This information helps teachers make decisions about what whole class, small group, and one-on-one instruction will look like offline. Since there is an online student dashboard, students can check in and take ownership of their learning.

Visit Lexia Reading Core5’s website to learn more about this program and also see the implementation support they offer schools!

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