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Formative Assessment with 30hands Digital Storytelling Tool

February 14, 2017

Earlier this year I featured the digital storytelling tool 30hands. 30hands Storyteller is a great for formative assessment. With this tool, students learn subject matter by taking on the role of teacher and create their own videos. Teachers can check for understanding by assessing a student’s knowledge, understanding, and skills from the video. When students create a video you are able to get a window into their thinking. Additionally, students learn how to visualize a concept, record narration, and share what they’ve learned using technology.

Digital Storytelling

How does the 30hands digital storytelling tool connect to formative assessment?

The team at 30hands Learning believes in the power of iterative creativity – giving students a chance to work through the creation process. By creating iterations and drafts for their assignments, students can build on their learning. With 30hands Storyteller, teachers can encourage students to begin an assignment by creating a first iteration of their digital story. This ‘first try’ at the process helps students understand that creating a video is a process.

Teachers can review the first draft of student creations using their rubric for the assignment as a guide. Students can then use the feedback from their teacher to make edits and improvements for another iteration. This process enables the teacher to monitor the learning as it is happening and provide guidance when it is needed. Since 30hands Storyteller makes it easy to edit their work and add enhancements to slides students can easily go back and apply teacher feedback to their work.

Formative Assessment 

Since 30hands Storyteller is an open-ended creation tool, students can create a wide range of products. Teachers can provide feedback to students through traditional channels like one-on-one conferring or use the viewer notes tool in 30hands Storyteller. This tool lets teachers provide feedback on individual slides, or simply use the rubric itself to give students their feedback. The team at 30hands Learning has created a rubric you can use during these learning experiences. Check out the rubric here.

Learn more about 30hands Storyteller by visiting their website!

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