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10 Top Posts of the Year! EdTech Lesson Ideas & Favorites

Can you believe it? With the year coming to a close I’m excited to share 10 of the top posts on this year! This year I’ve shared so many favorites. From EdTech lesson ideas to new tools there is so much to explore. In the list below you’ll find a range of posts that cover some great ideas for teachers looking to get started with technology integration. Do you have a favorite? Share yours in the comments below.

EdTech Lesson Ideas & Favorites

24 Hour of Code Resources for Teachers and Schools

Does your school participate in the Hour of Code each December? Looking to integrate computer science into the school day all year long? Here are a handful of my favorite resources for computer science and coding. Teachers who are ready to jump into the Hour of Code or looking for inspiration as they design a new curriculum will find lots to choose from on this list. If you have a favorite listed here or one you think should be added to the list, share your story in the comments at the bottom of the post.

9 Apps for the Low or NO Internet Classroom

Having a ”bad internet day” is frustrating when you’re trying to stream a Netflix movie or connect to wifi in a coffee shop. It’s even worse when there are thirty or so inquiring minds or restless students waiting to start an activity or new lesson. So what do you do if you are in a low or no Internet classroom?

5 Sketchnoting Apps for Teachers & Students

Don’t consider yourself an artist? Sketchnoting is more than just doodling and drawing. It’s a way to make connections and keep track of learning visually. There are lots of digital tools to help make this happen in your classroom.

10 Creation Tools for Web Browsers & Chromebooks

Students need to have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned and connect it to the real world. Providing students with ways to demonstrate their understanding and create content is even easier with technology tools. Students who have access to a computer with a web browser – including Chromebooks – will be able to create with the tools on this list.

Apple Teacher Program: Self-Paced Learning and Badges

This has been a big week of Apple announcements! No matter how you feel about headphone jacks or the Apple Watch, teachers around the world are abuzz about the new announcements from Apple Education. This week Apple announced Apple Teacher a new program created to support and celebrate educators teaching all levels and subject areas.

5 Apps to Use with Google Cardboard

Have you tried Google Cardboard in your classroom? This super inexpensive (under $10!) tool lets students explore virtual reality straight from your classroom. I’m a huge fan of Google Cardboard virtual reality experiences. You can take your students on virtual field trips, help them understand life in different parts of the world, and push students to ask questions about the world around them.

7 Favorite Apps to Use with Book Creator

You probably know by now that I’m a huge fan of Book Creator. I love apps that help students demonstrate their understanding and tell their stories. One great aspect of Book Creator is how users can easily integrate media they’ve created in other apps.

8 Must-Try Coding Websites & Apps for Students

Coding websites and apps place valuable resources in the hands of students. With mobile and web-browser based tools, students of all ages can explore computer science. As you think about your goals for the school year, how can you incorporate coding into your instruction?

11 Ways to Use Dry Erase Tape in Your Classroom

What will they think of next? Keeping technology tools and other resources in your classroom organized can be a struggle. When I came across this awesome product a few weeks ago I knew I had to share ideas for using Dry Erase Tape in your classroom. From labeling and organization of both techy and traditional tools to announcements that change daily, the possibilities are endless.

5 Nearpod Tips and Tricks for this School Year

There are so many reasons I love the interactive tool Nearpod. As a classroom teacher in a one-to-one iPad classroom I used Nearpod to create interactive presentations for fifth graders. As a professional development facilitator Nearpod is still one of my favorite technology tools. It provides real time information on how well students understand a lesson and gives you a window into their thought process as they explore new concepts. Nearpod works on iPads, smartphones, and web browsers making it a fantastic choice for BYOD schools.

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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