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SAT Practice from Khan Academy & Turnitin Revision Assistant

December 20, 2016

Can you believe it? Winter break is fast approaching and it’s a great time for students to carve out study time for the SAT exam. If you’re looking for SAT practice resources to share with students there are two great tools you’ll want to check out. The first, is Khan Academy which you may already be familiar with. They have lots of resources for students getting ready to take the reading and math portion of the exam. The second, is Turnitin’s Revision Assistant which helps students with the optional writing portion of the SAT exam.

SAT Practice

In order to access these resources, teachers and students can visit the College Board’s Official SAT® Practice. The website first takes a look at what students have already accomplished when taking the PSAT or SAT in the past or through diagnostic quizzes. This helps the tool figure out where content knowledge gaps exist and the best way to practice. Turnitin has integrated a number of tools into the Official SAT Practice website. This includes their Revision Assistant to help students practice for the essay portion of the SAT. If students are super focused on practicing for the writing portion of the SAT exam they can just use the Revision Assistant portion of the website.

When you visit the College Board’s Official SAT® Practice you’ll find three College Board “practice” SAT prompts. Students can use these prompts for their practice essay. The Revision Assistant tool will give students immediate, actionable feedback on the specific traits the SAT scores. Students will know right away which areas they need to work on when preparing for the essay portion of the test, including writing, analysis and reading. As you can see in the image above, the feedback on the student essay is specific to highlighted sections of their text. This helps students know exactly what to improve and how to take next steps.

Visit the Official SAT® Practice website to get started!

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