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T-TESS Flip Chart from National K-12 Publisher Mentoring Minds

December 19, 2016

There’s a new resource for teachers now available from the folks at Mentoring Minds. The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) is designed to support educators in their professional development. The T-TESS Flip Chart is a resource from Mentoring Minds to help make conversations around professional growth meaningful and effective. Mentoring Minds is a national K-12 publisher and the flip chart they have designed incorporates the best practices of each T-TESS domain and dimension.

If you’re not familiar with the four domains of T-TESS, they are: Planning, Instruction, Learning Environment, and Professional Practices and Responsibilities. With the T-TESS Flip Chart teachers have access to guiding questions that help them address the actions taken before, during and after the lesson. The goal of this flip chart is to help educators intentionally think about their instructional practices to make decisions as result of their reflections.

T-TESS Flip Chart

Who developed flip chart? This tool for teachers was developed by Dr. Sandra Love and Tim Persall. Dr. Sandra Love is a former national distinguished principal, and Tim Persall is assistant superintendent of Elementary Schools in Hays Consolidated Independent School District.

The T-TESS Flip Chart can help administrators engage in deeper conversations with their teaching staff. It can help guide the evolution from teacher-oriented classrooms toward student-centric learning environments, and create a school-wide culture of ongoing growth and improvement. In addition to having the flip chart available for educators, Mentoring Minds also offers professional development sessions. Their sessions are designed for educators and cover key areas including: Differentiated Instruction, Behavior Management in the Classroom, and Critical Thinking.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Mentoring Minds’s website and dedicated page on the T-TESS Flip Chart!

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