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5 Ways Bloomz Translation Can Transform Parent Communication

October 16, 2016
Earlier this year I shared the super cool parent communication tool Bloomz. The team at Bloomz has a terrific feature for teachers and families . It can  totally transform the way educators communicate with families who speak another language. Parents who use Bloomz can translate posts, events, announcements, alerts and even comments posted by teachers into their native language. There are over 80 languages this feature supports, making it useful for teachers working with children and families of a wide range of backgrounds.

Transform Parent Communication

1. Lots of languages: Bloomz Content Translation gives families the option to translate posts, events, announcements, alerts and even comments into over 80 languages. It doesn’t matter how families access Bloomz, this language translation works on both mobile devices and an Internet browser.
2. Easy set up: Families using Bloomz can decide on which language they would like to use. The folks at Bloomz offer a simple set of directions for families to follow so they can get started right away by choosing the language they’d like.
3. Connects teachers to parents: Parents might not normally feel confident using communication tools in English. But non-native speakers can still stay in touch with their children’s teachers. If you’ve found that families who aren’t native speakers detach due to language barriers, Bloomz Content Translation can help keep families front and center.
4. Can improve academic performance: Teachers using Bloomz have found that parents are kept in the loop about their children’s academic performance. They are also able to share ways to parents can support their children with school work.
5. Keeps parent communication a priority: Finding the best ways to support the families in your community is essential. The Bloomz Content Translation tool has many language options. So you can feel good that all families are kept in the loop.
Learn more about this new content translation tool from Bloomz by checking out their website! Looking for more resources on Bloomz? You can also check out this post: 3 Tips to Use Bloomz Student Portfolios for Formative Assessment

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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