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3 Tips to Use Bloomz Student Portfolios for Formative Assessment

March 20, 2017

I’m so excited about all the ways teachers can use the Bloomz app to communicate important information to families. If you’re a regular reader of you know how much I love using technology tools to gather and organize formative assessment data. The Student Portfolios option in Bloomz lets teachers share the moments students demonstrate their understanding of a new concept and helps communicate goals for students to families.

If you’re new to Bloomz, this terrific mobile and web app is used across the country. It connects teachers with families to share information about the school day – including formative assessment data. Teachers can also use Bloomz to communicate and coordinate with families, share photos and updates on daily activities, and send out reminders for special events.

Formative Assessment with Student Portfolios

1. Gather data

With Student Portfolios teachers can gather formative assessment data to make instructional decisions and share the work students have produced with their families.
2. Communicate often
Because the Bloomz Student Portfolio is linked to the communication app teachers can quickly share information with parents. It’s not just about saving time, but making it easier to stay in one connected space to locate and share information about individual students.
3. Use broadly
The Student Portfolio is perfect for all subject areas. So families can see their children’s work in math, science, or any subject.
An important part of formative assessment is communicating data with families. Parents should be part of conversations around formative assessment. Not about number grades but about ways they support their children as they progress over the school year. Since the Student Portfolio can follow students over multiple grades it’s a great way to keep families in the loop.

Visit Bloomz on the web to learn more about this terrific parent communication tool!


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