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9 Reasons to Try Pairprep to Digitize Your Content

September 20, 2016

Are you looking for more online activities for students? The folks at Pairprep provide a tool to quickly turns paper assignments into online activities by simply taking a photo or uploading a PDF. Teachers can tag questions quickly, converting a stale paper assignment into interactive exercises for their students.


Although the idea of turning paper activities into digital activities this may be the most exciting part for of Pairprep, they actually offers three different services: a content digitizer, paper speed grading tool and online gaming platform.

9 Reasons to Use Pairprep

Content creation: Users can certainly upload content they already have. Or they can also create new assignments directly on the site. Teachers can even create assignments for individual or groups of students to differentiate instruction.

Easy upload: It takes just a moment to upload paper assignments by taking a picture or using a PDF.

Online gaming component: Students can compete against each other when answering questions if teachers activate the online gaming component.

Questions don’t have to be multiple choice: Instead of sticking with multiple choice questions, teachers can tag the questions and answers to an assignment. Pairprep supports multiple question formats including: short answers, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank questions, even drawing diagrams.

Speed grading tool: This tool helps teachers grade more efficiently, by simply swiping left or right. Partial credit is possible, and so is assigning different weights to each question. The speed grading tool can be used for assignments completed online or paper-based.

Unlocks Data: The Pairprep system collects data and groups students by they concepts they’ve missed giving you important formative assessment data.

Feedback: Teachers can use Pairprep to provide feedback to students. This is regardless if it’s individually or as a group.

Provides Recommendations: Thanks to Pairprep’s AI (artificial intelligence) engine, the system generates recommended activities, videos or articles for the students practice.

FREE for teachers: Pairprep is also FREE for teachers to use. For a limited time you can digitize all of your content!

Making the shift to a full digital experience in the classroom can be challenging. Pairprep is helping to make the integration of technology tools easier for teachers.

Learn more about Pairprep by visiting their website!

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