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Olympians Who Persevered: ELA & Math Practice Assignments from Edcite

May 16, 2016

It’s time for Round 3 of the Edcite Olympic Games series! The folks at Edcite have shared assignments about Olympians who persevered when faced with obstacles. It’s also a great way to engage students in standards-based ELA and math practice and teach them to never give up.

In case Edcite is new to you, it’s a free platform. Edcite offers an extensive library full of teacher-created assignments, regardless of grade level. The assignments certainly use technology-enhanced question types, engaging texts, and multimedia.

ELA & Math Practice Assignments

Give one of these ELA and math practice assignments to students today, just in time for the approaching Summer Olympics!


Olympians Who Persevered: ELA & Math Practice Assignments from EdciteMiddle School

High School

Regardless of your grade level, I encourage you to check out these resources!

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