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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend an EdTech Conference

May 15, 2016

This year I’ve been able to attend a handful of educational technology conferences across the country. There are numerous benefits of attending an edtech conference. From large events like FETC in Orlando this past January to smaller events like UCET in Salt Lake City this past March, I’ve found that there is always plenty to learn!

Are you looking for a reason to attend an edtech conference this year? Are you trying to convince a school administrator to support your efforts? This list provides a handful of reasons why an educational technology conference is a must-attend event.

Reasons Why You Should Attend an EdTech Conference

Inspirational Big Ideas
The keynote speakers at an edtech conference are thoughtfully chosen and are leaders in the field. You’ll hear inspirational stories and big ideas that can push you to change the way teaching and learning happens in your classroom.

Actionable Quick Tips
Breakout sessions and hands-on workshops will give you a chance to try new activities. In these short session, presenters share how lessons, units, or new tools can impact everyday instruction.

New and Strengthened Connections
Travelling with colleagues to a conference is a great way to bond over shared interests. If you attend a conference solo, you can use this as on opportunity to connect with folks you follow on Twitter or the teacher sitting next to you at a session.

Meet EdTech Companies
The exposition hall is one of my favourite parts of an edtech conference. It gives you the chance to meet the team behind tools you use in your classroom and see new learning apps, platforms and devices in action.

This summer there are a handful of terrific edtech conferences I’m excited to be a part of! The ISTE conference takes place this June in Denver. It’s one of the biggest edtech conferences in the world and I’ve had the pleasure of attending and presenting the past few years. There are other terrific conferences across the country including Tomorrow’s Classroom Today and iPadpalooza. If you’re looking for a conference close to you, check out The Education Calendar for a quick search.

This post originally appeared on Kami's blog. This year, Kami will be at ISTE in Denver, Colorado. Stop by booth 4407 to say hello and pick up some yummy treats! If you would like to meet up with the team, let them know here.

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Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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