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3 Apps to Explore Outer Space

November 12, 2015

With only a few more chapters to go in Andy Weir’s The Martian and the recent news of water on Mars, outer space has been on my mind more than usual.  If your students are curious about the moon, planets, or space travel, they’ll want to check out these fantastic outer space apps for the iPad.  Each one will help students explore outer space as they read informational text, view video clips, and interact with the content on their screen.  These apps can inspire young scientists and take students on a virtual trip beyond the walls of your classroom!

NASA Updated this summer, NASA has a super cool app that is full of information on outer space.  There are thousands of images and videos built in the app.  Students can find news updates within the app and even bookmark their favorite photos.

Google Earth You may have explored Google Earth on an interactive whiteboard or computer with your class.  The Google Earth app for iPads lets students spin the globe around, search for different places, and better understand the place of the Earth in the solar system.

Moon Phases This free app for the iPad lets users locate tons of information on the phases of the moon. It includes times the moon will be visible and the phases of the moon each night.  Placing information taught in the classroom in a real world context is essential. This app can help students learn the phases of the moon as they look up at the night sky.

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