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Nuten Math Keyboard for iPhones: Type and Share Expressions

October 1, 2015

There are many great new features for iOS devices this year. One favorite is the ability to add an additional math keyboard to your device.  Nuten is a powerful math and science keyboard for the iPhone.  It is an easy-to-use math keyboard available now on iPhones.  With Nuten, students and teachers can quickly create both simple and complex mathematical expressions. Then they can share the resulting images through native apps like Messages, Mail, or Twitter.

Math Keyboard

unnamedNuten covers a wide range of mathematical symbology, from basic algebra to differential and integral calculus, statistics, set theory, and logic.  Its intuitive keyboard design includes over 200 symbols.  Whether students are working on homework problems from their mobile device or teachers are supporting students who need extra help, Nuten is the perfect app for quickly sharing ideas, saving important equations, and helping friends who need it right from your phone.

Learn more visiting Nuten’s website or download Nuten from the Apple App Store!

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