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Kinvolved: Messaging and Attendance Reporting App for Schools and Families

October 2, 2015

Kinvolved is a fantastic EdTech company I’ve had the pleasure of seeing present at events in New York City.  They’ve created a platform that makes it easy for teachers and schools to communicate with parents in real time.  With Kinvolved teachers can send home information on student attendance that keeps parents informed and kids accountable.  Their goal is to reduce dropout rates and increase graduation rates.

Kinvolved: Messaging and Attendance Reporting App for Schools and FamiliesTeachers can use Kinvolved to quickly and simply input students’ attendance information for each period.   Messages are sent to families in different languages – all with the goal of keeping parents in the loop.  Attendance is correlated with student achievement and drop-out rates.  Their mission is to keep parents engaged throughout their child’s schooling.

Visit Kinvolved’s website to learn more about the impact they’ve had so far and how to sign up your school!

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