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Flip Your Classroom in Minutes with Standard Planner

February 20, 2015
Earlier this year I shared Standards Planner, a lesson planner tool for teachers that allows users to search through thousands of free resources.  Teachers can create, upload, and convert lessons, videos, and instructional material to make a plan for instruction.  Standards Planner users can align their plans to all 50 state and national standards including the Common Core.  They have a terrific feature that makes it easy to share resources with students in a flipped learning environment.  Just follow these steps:
1) Setup your daily schedule: Choose the subjects you teach and the time you teach them and your teaching calendar will be generated for you. Daily, block, and custom scheduling are supported to help organize your teaching material.
2) Drag and drop your teaching material:  Standards Planner is designed to keep you on one screen without having search for teaching material on different websites or change to additional pages. Simply search for resources in one of many apps included on the left tool section, or even upload videos and documents from your computer. (All resources uploaded can be viewed within the app, no more downloading back to your computer to use them). You can search by keyword, brand, or even aligned national and state standards such as Common Core, Next Gen Science, and more. Drag and drop these resources onto your calendar according to the schedule you just setup.
3) Publish your calendar: Once you have finished planning out your week you have the option to make your calendar public. They generate a unique teacher website to push out to parents, students, substitutes, peers, and administrators. Uncheck any subjects and period you do not want to publish and they will not appear.
Standards Planner allows you to enhance learning outside of the classroom so students will be prepared when you instruct them.  Visit their website to learn more!

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