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App Combo Projects: PaperPort and Pic Collage

When I’m using iPads with my students, we often use a combination of apps to accomplish a task. For a research project on biomes, my class created posters in Pic Collage and published their reports with PaperPort Notes.  This culminating project took more than one period to complete, and their colorful, detailed reports were displayed for the whole school to see! Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching… Read Article →

Edit Student Work on iPads

My students publish a variety of work on their iPads and use different apps throughout the writing process. When it comes to typing up their final product we often use PaperPort Notes. Before they send their work to print, I use the highlighter and marker tool to show them where edits and revisions need to be made. I write over their work, and send them back to their seats to… Read Article →

Show and Explain Your Work

Many people think that an iPad is just for games but I can ensure you that this teaching tool is used effectively in my classroom.  I love having students show their work on a whiteboard app (and sometimes they connect their screens to work together).  Students in my class not only solve problems on their iPads but they take screenshots of their work and email the picture with an explanation… Read Article →

Pic Collage to Make iPad Posters

You might have used a app like this to create a scrapbook page of family pictures but it can be easily used in the classroom.  Pic Collage is a free app that allows users to take multiple images and place them on a blank canvas or within borders and add text and captions.  Students in my class use pictures that they’ve taken themselves or gathered from Google Image search.  They… Read Article →

Tech-Friendly Bulletin Boards

There are lots of great ways to show off student work and my bulletin boards are full of examples of how technology is used in my classroom. Some apps allow you to send work as JPEG and PDF files and I often take screenshots to capture student work. When I print JPGs I like to change the scale to 60% or 70% that way I have room on the page… Read Article →

What’s Trending? Try a Wordle

Lots of websites display images of popular search terms, tags, or keywords to show what’s trending on their site.  I love using Wordle, an online tool that takes the most popular words from a text and displays them according to how frequently they appear.  You can copy and past text from an article your class is reading or an encyclopedia entry. After students in my class emailed their essays on deforestation in… Read Article →

ELA Talk Bubbles

There are lots of great ways to incorporate Perfect Captions in your classroom.  I love using this app with primary source documents, but it’s also perfect for reinforcing literacy skills.  Have students create captions to record their predictions, to jot questions that they have, or write dialogue for the main character. Check out my common core aligned lesson plan using this app! Here’s another common core aligned lesson plan using… Read Article →

Complete Student Work and Reduce Paper

One thing I love about using iPads in my classroom is the ability to reduce paper how much paper we consume.  I fill my class Dropbox with graphic organizers and activity sheets and have my students complete them on their iPads. PaperPort Notes is a great app for importing PDF files from Dropbox and adding text.  My students will annotate the document and email it to me.  I can decide what… Read Article →

What’s inside my iPad?

Sometimes it’s hard for visitors to my classroom to understand how students use their iPads. I like to post a reference chart that shows off how technology is used in our classroom.  It’s also helpful for students, who are often asked about our work on iPads. This list will grow as the school year progresses and works with any technology cart (“What’s inside my netbook?”)