15 Apps for Exploring the World (Virtual Field Trips)

Apps for exploring outside of your classroom gives students the ability to explore locations that might be difficult for a field trip. It’s one of the best parts of having mobile devices in the classroom! Children can access informational text, images and videos to learn about new places and inspire them to think beyond the walls of their school building.

Apps for exploring the world outside of your classroom come in many shapes and forms and carry different information inside the apps. Some can be very informational text focused, like interactive exhibits from museums, all the way to interactive maps that allow students to explore new areas.

15 Apps for Exploring from Your Classroom

Here are a list of some of my favorite apps for exploring the  world – click on each link to read more about how they can be used in your classroom!

  1. National Parks on Your iPad
  2. Interactive Maps
  3. Art Walk
  4. Earth Now by NASA
  5. Museum Exploration on iPads
  6. Atlas Apps
  7. 3D Atlas for iPads
  8. Museums of the World
  9. Gettysburg Virtual Tour
  10. Smithsonian Channel for Tablets
  11. Documentaries for the iPad
  12. Tree Exploration on iPads
  13. TapQuiz Maps Geography Game
  14. Art Museum on Your iPad
  15. Discovery Channel on iPads
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