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Customizable Interactive Storybook App from Gingersnap Studios

Earlier this month I had the chance to see Gingersnap Studios’ awesome interactive storybook apps in action. They have two fantastic storybook apps that let you put yourself in a story for your children. With Gingersnap Studios’ apps you can snap a selfie and place your face in interactive storybooks. It’s certainly an engaging tool for […]

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RefME Citation Tool to Avoid Student Plagiarism

Last month I featured RefME a citation tool that lets you write the bibliography of a report or any type of research paper without leaving Microsoft Word.  They’ve just released a survey all about student plagiarism. It makes a great case for the use of tools that help students avoid plagiarism and correctly cite the work of […]

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Turnitin Revision Assistant: Student Writing Feedback Online Tool

Turnitin Revision Assistant is a tool for teachers to help them give feedback to students. Effective feedback should be timely and specific – Revision Assistant makes this important process manageable for teachers. With this writing feedback tool students can receive feedback aligned to a rubric of specific criteria set up by the teacher for that particular assignment. […]

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