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New AI Writing Tutor for Students

How has Artificial Intelligence impacted your school and classroom this year? There are numerous ways to leverage education technology to help students during the school day, and AI has proven to be especially capable of personalizing instruction. A new AI writing tutor from eSpark might be the perfect tool to support your learners.

If you’re working with student writers in an English Language Arts classroom or any subject area, this new resource can help you reach every writer. eSpark Writing leverages the power of generative AI to provide students with real-time, automatic feedback as they work through the writing process. Students get instant access to support as they write about high-interest topics they choose themselves.

Today on the blog, we’ll take a look at everything eSpark Writing has to offer. And we’ll look at some of the reasons to give students access to an AI writing tutor this school year!

AI Writing Tutor for Student Writers

I am a big fan of using artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI, to support teaching and learning. Regular readers of the blog might remember this post from last year, “Use AI to Make Reading Passages for Students.”It featured a new activity type in eSpark’s supplemental reading curriculum called Choice Texts. With this feature, students can create reading passages in real time with the help of AI.

If you listen to my Easy EdTech Podcast, you might have caught this bonus episode featured above. The episode with eSpark Learning came out last summer: “How AI Can Personalize Learning in Your Classroom.”  In the episode, I chatted with Eric Dahlberg, the CEO of eSpark Learning. We talked about Choice Texts and the incredible potential for AI to personalize learning for readers.

eSpark Writing helps teachers who might struggle to fit writing instruction alongside math and reading. With this platform, writing is practiced in parallel with reading, with prompts based on informational Choice Texts chosen by each student based on their interests.

Detailed view of eSpark Writing's student interface, displaying an active writing session with inline AI assistance and educational prompts.

Using AI to Customize Student Learning Experiences

With eSpark Writing, students can write about high-interest topics. These can include everything from their favorite video games and YouTube accounts to the hobbies or sports that are most interesting to them. Instead of a one-size-fits-all prompt, this AI writing tutor customizes the experience for each student.

In addition to customizing the writing prompts students receive, they will also have access to extra features. This includes having the ability to annotate text passages by highlighting key sentences as they read. With the AI “writing tutor” bot, students receive support as they draft, revise, and publish their work, beginning at the sentence level. 

Close-up view of the eSpark Writing tool on a computer screen, highlighting the interactive elements and real-time correction features for student use.

The Science of Reading in the Age of AI

Is your school or district implementing best practices connected to the science of reading this year? eSpark Writing addresses state writing and language standards. The pedagogy behind it is also closely aligned with the science of reading.

Within eSpark Writing, English Language Arts skills are taught explicitly. Sentences are building blocks of writing, and students receive scaffolding at every step of the writing process. This AI-powered tool gives students reading passages based on student choice, and they write in response to those reading activities.

One thing I appreciate about eSpark Writing is that the AI writing tutor supports students throughout the entire writing process. It makes sure that students won’t become stuck due to spelling errors or grammar miscues. 

Screenshot of eSpark Writing's user interface, showing a text editor with AI-driven feedback and suggestions on a student's work.

Learn More About Using an AI Writing Tutor

Ready to get started with eSpark Writing? eSpark Writing is just the latest in a series of unique, AI-powered learning activities from eSpark Learning. This supplemental curriculum resource differentiates in all three phases of the student experience. 

  • eSpark adapts to each student’s level to make sure they are working on the right content at the right time. 
  • eSpark adapts entire lessons based on student interests and inputs. 
  • eSpark differentiates instruction, feedback, and remediation in real-time based on student responses.

Use this link to learn more about eSpark Writing and how you can start using it this school year. If you’re looking for ways to use generative AI tools in your classroom, school, or district, this AI writing tutor is a great way to leverage artificial intelligence to support your students with high-interest reading and writing experiences!

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