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eSpark Differentiated Math and Reading Activities for Kids

August 26, 2019

Are you looking for activities your students will love? With differentiated math and reading activities for kids, eSpark has you covered! eSpark helps students practice new skills and grow at their own pace through a platform designed for PreK to fifth graders. Ready for any device in your classroom, eSpark has a free one-year trial for their differentiated math and reading activities!

Individualized Instruction

eSpark is a fun and engaging way to differentiate reading and math instruction for students in PreK through fifth-grade classrooms. Students can sign in and access content that is “just right” for them.

How does it work? eSpark differentiates resources for students based on their individual needs. With targeted instruction in reading and math, eSpark provides high-interest content for students aligned to their needs.

Ready for any device in your classroom, eSpark has a free one-year trial for their differentiated math and reading activities!

eSpark vets third-party games, videos, and resources that spark a love of learning in students. These engaging resources come from a diverse set of online resources that the team at eSpark has handpicked for students. From PreK to fifth grade, students in every classroom can practice new reading and math skills with diverse content. 

In eSpark, students grow at their own pace and move through adaptive, self-paced pathways called quests.. Each quest follows a similar pattern — a pre-quiz, a framing video, one or more instructional videos, one or more apps, a post-quiz, and a student-created video. Students will also participate in activities to help them master new skills and receive immediate feedback too.

As students progress through their quest, they answer one or more critical thinking questions.  These questions are built to mimic the types of questions students are expected to answer on their high stakes assessments and are designed to help monitor a student’s understanding throughout the quest.

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Differentiated Math and Reading Activities

Ready for any device in your classroom, eSpark has a free one-year trial for their differentiated math and reading activities!

As a classroom teacher, I was always on the hunt for high-quality, free resources for my students. The whole reason I started this blog was to share the different resources I came across in my searches. Now, as a professional development provider, I spend lots of time with teachers and students in classrooms to support their EdTech integration.

What does success in blended learning environments look like? Having adaptive software like eSpark can help make sure differentiated instruction is engaging for students while giving teachers actionable information. I often lead professional development and conference sessions on formative assessment and technology. In these sessions, I always try to emphasize is the importance of collecting data you can act on in real-time.

Formative Assessment

The benefits for both students and teachers are significant when you introduce eSpark into your classroom. eSpark has an in-depth teacher dashboard and weekly teacher emails to help you engage and track your students. You can use this information to work with small groups and support one-to-one interventions with students. 

As you review this formative assessment data, you can also use eSpark to assign additional targeted skill practice. This skill practice could be for a topic you know your students need extra support with, even if eSpark’s adaptive software doesn’t recommend it. This option means you have the power to personalize instruction for students based on your observations and content knowledge.

Free Teacher Trials

eSpark is available on ALL classroom devices. So you can make the most of whatever device students have access to on a particular day. Whether you’re in a classroom with a cart of Chromebooks you use every day or iPads shared across a grade-level team, eSpark is designed to work in your learning environment.

When I connected with the folks at eSpark learning earlier this summer, they shared this quote from a third-grade teacher with me. Ann Kissel from Riverview Community School District said, “It is so wonderful to walk into my classroom and see kids so engaged. You can’t get their attention off eSpark. They’re singing and dancing and engaging in things that are so interesting to them that you know they are truly paying attention.”

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You can sign up for eSpark right now totally for free and use it for the entire school year. There are no commitments or credit cards required to sign up. eSpark is an excellent option for teachers searching for resources that support differentiated instruction in blended learning environments.

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