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21 ChatGPT Prompts for Principals

Over the past few months, I’ve pulled together posts on the blog with some of my favorite ChatGPT prompts for teachers. Today on the blog, I have 21 ChatGPT prompts for principals or anyone who is leading a team and wants to boost productivity, generate ideas, or simply explore chatbot technology.

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If you are a school leader, the prompts on this list are ready for you to customize to the needs of your group. You might use them as is, make a few changes, or see them as a starting point for more in-depth prompts. In addition to ChatGPT, you can try this out with other chatbot tools like Claude or Bard.

Let’s dive into the list of 21 ChatGPT prompts for principals!

21 ChatGPT Prompts for Principals

The list below is divided into categories and ready for you to customize. Just replace the text inside of the brackets with the information that best fits your needs.

Communication and Outreach

Create a template I can use for a weekly newsletter to staff. Include sections for updates on [two to three areas] and format the newsletter so it is easy for someone to locate the information.

Write a thank you note to [role of person] for helping [what they did]. Include suggestions for how I can personalize it before sending it out.

Our school mascot is a [add mascot]. Make a list of quotes that connect to our mascot that I can share in our monthly newsletter to families.

Create an invitation I can share with community members to invite them to [event]. Leave room for me to add specific details like time, date, and parking information.

Write an email I can send to local businesses to ask them for donations for [event]. Include a list of benefits of their participation.

Create a welcome letter template for new staff members joining our school. Make sure to mention [notable details].

Task and Project Management

Suggest ways my team can use shared calendars and task lists to coordinate activities and deadlines. We have access to [devices/programs] and struggle with [pain point].

How can I use project management tools to delegate tasks to my team and track their progress? Suggest a few tools that can help make this happen.

Create a daily checklist template to help me manage and prioritize my most important tasks.

Design a monthly calendar template to highlight important dates, events, and deadlines. Indicate where I should add specific information that changes each month.

Create a quarterly action plan template for a colleague who needs help outlining and tracking progress toward a strategic goal.

Feedback and Surveys

Make a list of ways a digital survey tool can gather feedback from staff, students, and families.

Write [number] open-ended questions I can include in a survey for families. I want to figure out [goal].

Meeting and Professional Development

What methods can I implement to make staff meetings more efficient and focused? Suggest a structure and norms for a meeting that is [length].

Generate an outline for our next staff meeting focused on [topic].

Make a professional development planning template to help staff set and track progress toward their learning goals.

We are introducing a new initiative to staff members about [details]. What common misconceptions or push backs should I be aware of as I plan our rollout?

Special Initiatives and Events

Make a template for a letter of recommendation for a student applying for [program type]. Suggest which spots in the letter I can personalize for individual students.

We want to raise money for [goal]. Make a list of [number] fundraising ideas.

Our school is named after [person]. Make a list of [number] of ways we can incorporate their legacy into events this school year.

Suggest ways I can use digital tools to streamline communication with staff and parents.

Using these ChatGPT Prompts for Principals

During a fast-paced school day, time is a precious resource. A chatbot like ChatGPT can be a valuable time-saving tool for principals or anyone in a leadership role. This list of 21 ChatGPT prompts for principals can assist with research, generate drafts and templates, and act as a virtual assistant to handle a multitude of tasks. 

Embracing ChatGPT (or another favorite chatbot) is not just about embracing technology; it’s about maximizing efficiency. You can save time using this tool and reallocate that time to face-to-face tasks throughout the school day. If you have some favorite ChatGPT prompts for principals, I’d love to hear them! Send an email to or send a DM on Instagram or Twitter (X) with your ideas.

And don’t forget to check out this page, which has lots of artificial intelligence resources for educators.

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