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28 ChatGPT Prompts for Social Studies Teachers

Are you teaching social studies this school year? One resource that’s been a game-changer for so many educators is ChatGPT. I’ve spent a lot of time this year supporting educators as they explore the ways that chatbots can help them with instructional planning and productivity. Today on the blog, I have 28 ChatGPT prompts for social studies teachers.

For today’s post, I’ve focused on 28 ChatGPT prompts for social studies teachers, but if you are teaching a different content area, I have you covered. Here are a few more resources that might be helpful for you (or a colleague):

And if you love a free downloadable resource, you’ll want to grab my  60+ Must-Try ChatGPT Prompts for Teachers.

28 ChatGPT Prompts for Social Studies Teachers

This list of prompts is tailored specifically for social studies. You can use them with ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, or any other type of chatbot technology. These prompts can help engage students in thoughtful conversations around a variety of topics and also encourage them to explore historical events, different cultures, and geography. Let’s dive into the list together!

Prompts for Generating Activity Ideas

We’re studying [country]. Describe its climate, topography, and natural resources. Explain how these factors influence the culture and economy of the region.

Make a list of ideas for a collaborative digital project [grade of students] could do on their Chromebooks/iPads to explore [historical event/geographical concept] and enhance their [social studies skill].

How can [grade of students] use digital tools to create visual representations of [historical timeline/geographical concept] as a part of their [social studies skill] development?

Give me ideas for an interesting and unexpected multimedia project that [grade of students] could complete on their [device type] to demonstrate their understanding of [historical period/geographical concept].

How can I integrate a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) app into a lesson on [historical site/geographical feature] for [grade of students]?

What’s an engaging digital storytelling project [grade of students] could do on their Chromebooks/iPads that incorporates [historical event/geographical concept]? We are working on [add SS or ELA standard].

Making the Most of Digital Tools

Recommend digital tools for [grade of students] to create an infographic or mind map to better understand the structure or process of [historical event/geographical concept].

Explain how [grade of students] could use digital recording tools to present their research findings on [historical event/geographical concept] and explain their reasoning.

What are some interactive simulations or virtual tours that [grade of students] could use on their Chromebooks/iPads to explore [historical site/geographical feature]?

Prompts for Boosting Student Engagement

My students love [interest/movie/topic]. We are studying [historical topic]. Make a connection between these two things to help boost student interest in learning about [historical topic].

Design a series of [number] discussion questions for [grade of students] to stimulate critical thinking about [historical event/geographical concept].

Craft a sequence of [number] role-playing or dramatization scenarios for [grade of students] to better understand the experiences related to [historical event/geographical concept].

Share [number] unexpected and engaging ways [grade of students] could present their research findings on [historical event/geographical concept] and explain their reasoning.

Screenshot displaying a ChatGPT prompt in action, demonstrating how it can be used for engaging discussions in social studies classes.

Research and Critical Thinking Prompts

Investigate the impact of [natural disaster] in [region]. What geographical factors contributed to the disaster, and how did it affect the local population?

Compare and contrast [two factors] within [country]. What factors contribute to the differences in these areas?

Explain why [historical event] is important for [grade of students] to learn about.

Devise [number] research project topics about [historical event/geographical concept] suitable for [grade of students].

Write a simple description of [historical event] to help students learn about [key factors]. Include a metaphor to boost retention of the information.

Prompts for Developing Resources

Develop a guided reading activity for [grade of students] using a primary or secondary source related to [historical event/geographical concept].

Make a list of [number] potential field trip locations or virtual tours relevant to [historical event/geographical concept] for [grade of students].

Generate a list of [number] important vocabulary terms that [grade of students] will need when studying [historical event/geographical concept].

Draft [number] debate prompts for [grade of students] to critically discuss different perspectives on [historical event/geographical concept].

Formulate [number] journal prompts for [grade of students] to reflect on their understanding of [historical event/geographical concept].

Screenshot showcasing a live example of a ChatGPT prompt, designed to facilitate interactive social studies learning.

Make a list of [number] primary and secondary sources for [grade of students] to use when studying [historical event/geographical concept].

Design [number] hands-on activities to help [grade of students] grasp [historical event/geographical concept].

Construct a list of [number] book titles, films, and other media resources that relate to [historical event/geographical concept] for [grade of students].

Create a timeline activity for [grade of students] to track key events during [historical period].

Make a list of [number] potential guest speakers or community resources to involve in a study of [historical event/geographical concept].

Using ChatGPT Prompts for Social Studies Teachers

I invite you to try out these ChatGPT prompts for social studies teachers or share them with a colleague. If you have a social studies teacher who is curious about chatbots, these prompts are a great place to share. Each prompt is designed as a starting point, and the real magic happens when you modify and customize them to fit your unique classroom needs and objectives.

Whether you’re exploring ancient civilizations or modern political systems, these prompts can serve as inspiration for your next lesson or unit. Don’t hesitate to experiment with them, adapting them to your students’ interests and your curriculum goals. If you have a favorite ChatGPT prompt for social studies teachers, let me know all about it! You can send me a message on Twitter (X), Instagram or send an email to

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