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12 Websites for Summer Virtual Field Trips

As a classroom teacher, I loved taking students on field trips. These were fantastic experiences for students. Just this month I was recounting the story of taking my fifth-grade students to the Museum of Modern Art – a trip that feels like yesterday but was almost a decade ago. There are lots of reasons to take students to visit different places, but it’s not possible to take them everywhere. That’s where summer virtual field trips come into play.

Although you can use the resources I’ve compiled on this list at any time of year, I’ve taken a summer spin with these. They include spaces you might explore during the summertime to extend a lesson or activity from earlier in the school year. Or you might use these to help students prepare for the upcoming school year by helping them build background knowledge and vocabulary through a summer virtual field trip.

Informative infographic presenting a curated list of websites for summer virtual field trips, designed to engage students and families in immersive educational experiences while exploring various locations worldwide.

Here’s a list of websites for summer virtual field trips you can share with students and families. These websites offer engaging and educational experiences that can transport students to various locations around the world. And, of course, these might inspire you to take students to a faraway or nearby place for a field trip this school year.

12 Websites for Summer Virtual Field Trips

From exploring breathtaking national parks to exploring the habitats of different animals, these virtual journeys provide endless opportunities for students, teachers, and families to discover new worlds and expand their horizons. So let’s jump into the list!

Google Arts & Culture 

If you’ve attended a workshop with me this year, we might have taken a virtual field trip together. I love sharing Google Arts & Culture, which has a vast collection of art, historical landmarks, and cultural experiences worldwide.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Is stepping into a museum tough with your summer schedule? You can take a virtual tour of the renowned Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and discover permanent, current, and past exhibits.

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tours

It’s been a few years since I’ve smelled the sulfur at the geysers throughout the park, but you can explore Yellowstone National Park through interactive maps, panoramic images, and guided tours. In addition, their website (and many other national parks) have oodles of virtual resources to explore.

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

I love visiting national parks, and there are so many spots that don’t get much attention. However, you can visit some lesser-known U.S. National Parks through interactive multimedia tours hosted by Google Arts & Culture, including this special experience.

Screenshot of Google Arts & Culture website featuring interactive multimedia tours of lesser-known U.S. National Parks for virtual exploration.

Tour the World’s Largest Cave 

National Geographic is a fantastic resource for students who want to explore different places. For example, you can tour the world’s largest cave and journey inside Vietnam’s Son Doong cave with this immersive virtual tour by National Geographic.

The Louvre Virtual Tours

You can take it back inside with The Louvre Virtual Tours. The iconic Louvre Museum in Paris has a vast collection of art and artifacts to explore from home in both English and French.

The British Museum Virtual Tour

The British Museum is another one to add to the list. They have an extensive collection covering human history, art, and cultures from around the world.

Screenshot of Street Art Cities interactive map, allowing users to virtually explore vibrant murals and graffiti from around the globe.

Street Art Cities 

To see art outside of a traditional museum, you might want to explore Street Art Cities. If you follow along on Instagram, you might already know I’ve lived in Jersey City for almost seven years. In Jersey City there are murals everywhere! This interactive map featuring beautiful murals and graffiti lets you discover street art worldwide.

San Diego Zoo Kids 

Although I took a group of students to the Central Park Zoo – which was amazing – there are lots of virtual tours for students interested in animals. In addition, they can learn about wildlife and conservation efforts through live animal cams, videos, and interactive activities hosted by the San Diego Zoo.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams

Another California spot with animal cams is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You and your students can explore underwater creatures with live cameras showcasing various ocean habitats. Live Nature Cams 

If you are looking for a particular animal or habitat to share with students, has live nature cams. You can watch live cameras showcasing wildlife in their natural habitats, from African wildlife to bird sanctuaries and ocean life.

FarmFood 360 

Want to help students understand what it takes to run a farm? You can take a virtual tour of Canadian farms and learn about agriculture, food production, and farming practices.

With so many unique destinations at your fingertips, there’s never been a better time to dive into a summer virtual field trip. Whether you’re a teacher seeking new ways to engage your students or a family looking for entertaining and educational activities, these websites offer a wealth of unique experiences. They are sure to spark curiosity and maybe inspire a future trip to check out a spot in person!

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