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Automatic e-Signature Tool for Schools

Do you use digital documents in your school? Or are you looking to stay organized and go paperless at the same time? There is a new automatic e-signature tool for schools and teachers that can help you streamline paperwork this school year.

Regular readers of the blog might remember Jotform, a dynamic platform I’ve featured before on the blog. In addition to their app builder for educators and tools like Jotform Approvals, you can now use Jotform Sign as an alternative to traditional e-signature software designed for the corporate world.

Today on the blog, we’ll look at all the things that Jotform Sign can do for your school, how it works, and how to get started with it this school year!

e-Signature Tool for Schools and Teachers

How does Jotform Sign work? Jotform Sign is an e-signature product. It combines the power of Jotform’s online form builder with an option to add an automatic e-signature. Millions of people use Jotform to share information, and organizations that create forms can now include an e-signature on their forms.

Jotform Sign signature tool

There are lots of great features inside of Jotform Sign. You’ll find a drag-and-drop e-sign builder and automatic field detection to help you transform your paper forms into electronic forms. Once you build your document for the first time, you can then send it multiple times to different members of your school community. Within this platform, you’ll find over 600 templates to choose from, too! You can learn more about all of the features on this page.

Making a Document with an e-Signature

As you can see in the video below (and linked here), Jotform Sign lets you create a form from scratch, upload your own document, or use one of their templates. So schools and districts that already have systems in place to collect information might already have a set of documents that you want to transfer from paper to electronic format. 

The upload option makes it easy to indicate what type of information you need someone to fill in before they add their signature. One thing I love about this builder tool is that there are enough features to give you everything you need without being overwhelmed with too many options. The simple interface is perfect for an educator simply trying this out for the first time.

In a school setting, you know that sending home lots of papers or trying to make sure everything was turned in on time can be a logistical challenge. Jotform Sign lets you send out the form you’d like someone to sign via email. You can even customize the messaging they receive with the request to sign. You also have the option to have more than one person sign a form. This feature is perfect if both students and families need to add a signature.

Using an e-Signature Tool at Your School

Jotform Sign can help your school streamline documentation. It gives you access to an online space to collect sensitive information securely. And it can automate workflows that are part of your regular document collection. Schools and districts can use Jotform Sign as a quick and simple way to collect e-signatures. This includes everyone in the school community like parents, guardians, teachers, faculty members, and students.

Although you can probably think of a few of your own use cases (ex., field trip permission slips, schedule change request forms, and more), there are plenty of templates to explore on Jotform’s website. To get an idea of what is possible with this e-signature tool technology, check out these templates. And if you’re teaching in higher education or curious about those use cases, this page has plenty of examples.

Ready to get started? This page will tell you everything you need to know about Jotform Sign, including how to add it to your current workflow. 

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