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50 End of the Year Gifts for Teachers

Looking for end of the year gifts for teachers? You’ve come to the right place. I love sharing favorites on the blog, and today I have a list of teacher gifts for the end of year. We’ve updated this for 2024 with some new items!

In this blog post, I’ve pulled together more than 50 favorite teacher gifts, ideas you can use right away. Most of them are under $25, and a few go above that price point. You might decide to come together as a group to purchase a few of these items, or create a bin or basket to give to a teacher team or department.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog (get on the free newsletter list here), you know I love sharing ideas on Instagram, too. Head over to Instagram and send me a message (or comment on a post) with your favorite end of the year teacher gifts ideas!

End of the Year Gifts for Teachers

Is it just me? I get excited about new Sharpies including metallic ones. I have a pack of these in my office. It’s a practical and shiny option to include with teacher gifts for end of year celebrations.

If the idea of sharpies got your attention, check out this super pack of flair pens that I think you’ll love.

This calendar starts in July, so it’s a great choice for a gift to give before summer starts. There are lots of options on Amazon to choose from, but here’s a colorful one to start your search with. 

Want to help a teacher friend keep things simple? Check out The Minimalist Teacher from ASCD. Co-author Tammy Musiowksy is a former colleague and joined me on the podcast last year, too. And you might remember co-author Christine Arnold from our spring cleaning webinar. It’s a great read with lots of actionable tips.


I love giving gift cards as a gift. And if you choose this option, you might include something small to go along with it. Here is a set of mini binder clips you can grab for under four dollars. Alternatively, you might like these camera cover sliders with these funky plants. This six pack is under seven dollars.

More Teacher Gifts Ideas

Speaking of gift cards for teachers, here’s a fun option. This one from Amazon comes with a cute card. A great choice if you’re looking for something more bright and colorful. Or you might want to send someone a Starbucks gift card instead.

Not into book studies? ASCD has published a handful of quick reference guides on a variety of topics. I have created three for them, including one on classroom technology tips. These guides (there are lots of them) are great for someone you want to share tips with, but you know they have a busy schedule.

Confession – I have a hard time with AirPods. I love them, but the newest version just doesn’t seem to stay put. So if you’re looking for a simple and practical gift for a teacher in your life, I’ve gone back to these and they’re in heavy rotation. Or you might have a group of people chip in for the newest version of AirPods to give as a gift.

If you’re looking for a gift for a teacher with a sweet tooth, here is one of my favorites. I saw these Muddy Bites on Instagram and had to try them out. They are definitely more of a specialty item, but it’s a unique gift for anyone who loves chocolate. And if you’re afraid a sweet gift might melt, here’s a different option.

A Few More Favorite Gift Ideas

I read a lot of nonfiction books. But earlier this year, my mother recommended Hamnet. She’s a retired social studies teacher and loves historical fiction. I’m so glad she shared this title with me, and I devoured this popular book.

This summer on the blog, you’ll see a few blog posts featuring HUE Camera. They just sent me a new one and I donated my older version to a local school. I love this easy-to-use document camera and have one in blue. 

Looking for something personalized? This to bag lets you choose a letter to put on the front. This is great as part of a group gift if you want to fill it up with a bunch of items. Or you might decide to get this summery tote bag instead to mark the end of the year.

Another option for personalized end of the year teacher gifts is a set of pens. Usually you need a little bit of lead time for these kinds of orders, so if you’re in a pinch, skip this one.

Does your favorite teacher keep a water bottle or cup of coffee next to them all day? Then you might want to check out these coasters. They are a perfect choice to add to your shopping list of teacher gifts for the end of year.

For a personalized twist on a coaster, here’s an option you might like. This one lets you customize the color and text to make sure it’s “just right” for a favorite teacher.

Lots of Favorite Gifts for Teachers

I have a big bag I carry around almost everywhere I go, and searching for my keys was often an issue of frustration. I just bought a lanyard like this one (same company, different style) and it’s been a game changer. This is a good option for anyone who always loses their keys – even if you keep the reason you bought it to yourself.

If you’d rather give a traditional keychain as a gift, here is one that is full of summer colors. Or you might decide to give this teacher-themed key chain as a gift instead.

Office supplies might seem a bit boring on the surface, but I love colorful and practical ones. I have a few small notebooks that I often fill with sticky notes. It’s great for teachers who love to read or take quick notes. If file folders are more their style, here is a bundle of colorful ones.

Looking for end of the year teacher gifts for a teacher with lots of devices? You might want to give a charging station as a gift. Here’s one that holds a handful of devices, but you can find lots of options on Amazon.

Some Techy and Travel Gift Ideas

If the teacher on your list uses a tablet, you might want to pick up a pack of styluses to gift them. If you’re chipping in for a gift, you might want to pull together a few people to purchase an Apple Pencil. Another option is this bundle of styluses that work on any touch screen.

Does the teacher on your gift list use iPads? After you find out the make and model, you might want to check out this fun choice. It includes a handle on the back you can also use as a stand. If you’re looking for a bit of a fancier option, and have a few people chipping in, try this one with a keyboard.


If a laptop is your gift recipient’s device of choice, you might want to choose a computer bag. This one comes in a bunch of colors. If you know they already have a backpack or another large bag they use, this sleeve might come in handy instead.

No matter what type of device they use, a summer sticker pack is a fun choice for a gift. This pack includes 50 options. Each one has a summer or tropical theme.

End of the Year Gifts for Teachers

I’ve mentioned a few personalized items on the list already and I can’t help including this one, too. Here are some note cards that come in lots of colors. All of the options are great, and you might choose something bright and summery.

There are lots of fun gifts for the teacher who likes to travel. A luggage tag like this one is great for someone who likes to go on hikes or to a national park. Or this bright and summery toiletry bag might be another option to add to your list.

I mentioned coasters above, but what goes on a coaster… you’ve got lots of teacher-friendly options to choose from. This mug is great for a science teacher or science lover. And this might be a better choice for your favorite math teacher.

If the teacher on your shopping list carries a big water bottle during the day, here is a fun option. This mason jar comes with a sweet message. Alternatively, you might choose this personalized option that lets you pick the color, too.

Candles are always a quick gift for someone who seems to have everything. Not sure what to get as end of the year teacher gifts? Here’s a summer-scented candle that might be a good option.

Even More Teacher Gifts: End of Year Selections

Do you have a teacher on your list who loves to cook? If they are big into summer barbecues, you might help them upgrade their tools at the start of the summer season with this gift. Or if they are more of a firepit person, check out this S’mores Station.

If the teacher on your list has a green thumb and plans to garden this summer, you might choose this gift set for them. If they love plants but like them inside, here is a set that might act as a better alternative.

Need teacher gift ideas for someone who loves virtual reality? If you know a teacher who uses virtual reality headsets in their classroom, you might want to get these headset sweatbands. If the person on your list hasn’t tried this out yet, a low cost Google Cardboard might be a better place to start.

Is your camera full of great pictures to share? Include them in one of your end of the year teacher gifts. This option is a bit of a bigger frame and includes a message at the top. This one is a little smaller and a better choice for vertical photos.

The last item on the list of end of the year gifts for teachers is a sign with a special message. If you’re not sure what direction to go in, you might search for something like this or make your own.

What would you add to this list of teacher gifts, ideas or favorites of your own? Share on social media and tag me @ClassTechTips to let me know your favorite. I’ll make sure to include a few of your social shares in an upcoming newsletter – sign up here to get on the list for my free EdTech newsletter.

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