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Online Reading and Math Extra Help for Kids with SplashLearn Courses

Are you looking to provide reading and math extra help this school year? A set of online courses from the folks at SplashLearn can help your elementary kids strengthen their math and reading skills this year. If you work with children in need of individualized help, these virtual options can help kids connect with high-quality content.

Regular readers of the blog might remember that I featured SplashLearn on the blog earlier this year. As you move past the first few weeks of the school year, you might find that there are kids who could benefit from additional support. The team at SplashLearn has put together something new this year that offers online reading math extra help for kids.

Let’s dive into SplashLearn Courses and the virtual learning options for students!

Reading and Math Extra Help

Learn how to provide reading and math extra help this school year with a set of online courses from SplashLearn for elementary students.

To reach children who need math extra help and reading support this school year, SplashLearn is offering online courses. Experienced tutors in a virtual classroom teach these courses. Each class is designed to support children as they dive into grade-level content, specifically math and reading skills.

How does it work? SplashLearn Courses are live math and reading tutoring classes for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. Each course follows a set format that takes a few different factors into account. They are designed to help students who might have low confidence or learning-related anxiety to help them become curious about the course content. 

All of the SplashLearn Courses are taught by tutors with at least five years of online teaching experience. Children take the courses in small groups of up to three learners in each group. With the small group experience, kids can dive into the course content with the support of an experienced tutor.

What is the online course experience like for children? The material in each course aligns to Common Core State Standards for each grade level. Children can take classes specific to their grade level or ones that connect to a particular topic. With this option, you can set up your child in a course based on an observed need related to a subject instead of just their grade level.

Online Courses for Kids

As you can see in the video above, there are certainly lots of options from SplashLearn courses. Families can choose the time that works best with their schedule. So they can pick from times early or late in the day. Each session is between 30 and 45 minutes in length. Kindergarten courses are 30 minutes long, and the courses for students in first through fifth grade are 45 minutes long.

These online courses for kids are designed to be interactive, both with the tutor leading the session and the other kids in the class. Kids can attend classes from home and access the course platform straight from a personal device. They can take one or multiple courses as needed throughout the school year.

Learn how to provide reading and math extra help this school year with a set of online courses from SplashLearn for elementary students.

The online courses offered by SplashLearn are just one of the ways they support elementary learners. SplashLearn has a library with thousands of games and activities for different topics in reading and math. SplashLearn has a version solely for home use, for which parents need to get a paid subscription. It allows them access to all the games and lessons, along with a parent dashboard that receives instant notifications on progress improvement and skill completions allowing parents to keep track of their child’s learning path and recommend topics to complete.

In addition to the courses, SplashLearn also has a game-based learning program schools, and teachers can use for free. 

When teachers set up SplashLearn for their class, there is an option to enable free home access for their students. This way, students can work on their assignments from home by logging into SplashLearn outside of classroom hours. 

Ready to get started with SplashLearn courses? Head over to this landing page to learn more about their online reading and math extra help options for students.

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