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Fun-Filled Virtual Summer Camp for Kids

Are you looking for an engaging summer learning option for students? Many students have been invited to participate in summer programs at their school or district, but if you are searching for a virtual option, SplashLearn has you covered. From elementary English Language Arts practice to interactive math content, there is a lot to explore in this new virtual summer camp for kids.

This summer, the team at SplashLearn is offering unique Summer Courses. Each course supports students with content that supports academic and social-emotional learning goals. In this blog post, I’ll take you through some of their summer offerings!

Virtual Summer Camp

This virtual summer camp lets students participate from any location. How does it work? The courses from SplashLearn are organized in small personalized groups conducted by handpicked tutors. They have times for students to join during the day or late afternoon so families can pick times that align with their schedule. The structure lets you choose from classes that meet twice a week or every day of the week. This structure makes it a flexible option for families who might have a few different things going on in the summertime.

There are a selection of different courses to choose from, and you can find the complete list right here. Let’s dive into the options for students!

Math Adventure

This collection of courses are available for elementary students in kindergarten through fifth grade. With this course, children can experience math concepts with a connection to imaginative stories and scenarios. Students will apply multiple math skills in wonderfully crafted stories. They will think creatively as they explore different math concepts.

In the Splash Summer Camp: Math Adventure, students will create and analyze code and learn skills related to counting and money. Students will explore how to read maps, discover the role math plays while cooking, and play many games along the way. If you are working with students who struggle with patterns or are building their understanding of number sense, you’ll want to check this out, too.

Math Refresher Courses

Students who need additional practice can participate in the Rewind & Revise: Math Refresher Courses. These are also available for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Each one reviews different math skills that students need extra practice with. These courses use games and activities that keep children engaged while also teaching them important math skills. The refresher courses can become part of children’s daily routine, even during summer break.

From elementary English Language Arts practice to interactive math content, there is a lot to explore in this new virtual summer camp for kids.

ELA Adventure 

In addition to the Math Adventure options described above, there is also an ELA Adventure from Splash Summer Camp. This collection of courses is ready for students in third, fourth, and fifth grade. Within these courses, students will participate in a variety of reaching and writing experiences. You can decide which course to enroll students in so they have an opportunity for daily or weekly practice.

From writing poems and stories to solving mysteries and decoding secret messages, there are lots of activities in the ELA Adventure summer camp. Each class is designed to foster children’s creative thinking. Since these are all small group classes, children learn and work together.

Ready to get started? These Splash Summer Camp and Refresher course options are taught by experienced tutors and organized into small groups based on student needs. If you’re looking for a virtual opportunity for summer learning, head over to this page. It shows an overview of all of the options from SplashLearn. You’ll see a description for each of the courses and the ability to toggle between different grade levels, too!

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