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Digital Hall Pass: A School Safety Tool from e-hallpass

Is a digital hall pass the right fit for your school? More and more schools are returning to complete in-person instruction. And for those schools that were hybrid and in-person, they are now reflecting on the challenges these instructional models posed this past year. Creating supportive communities for students and academic content delivery are just two challenges faced by educators this year. There are also logistical challenges as schools and districts work to establish and maintain a safe environment for all students and staff members.

If you are looking for a tool to support social distancing efforts at your school and monitor hall traffic with real-time data, e-hallpass has a digital hall pass system you’ll want to check out. When the team behind e-hallpass reached out to me earlier this year, I was interested in learning more about what they offer schools. In this blog post, I’ll take you through the concept of a digital hall pass. I’ll also share some special features of this unique platform to support school safety initiatives.

Ready to check out e-hallpass right away? Use this link to learn more!

Social Distancing with a Digital Hall Pass

A digital hall pass replaces the paper version we might have used in the past. It keeps track of where a student is heading as they move around a school building. At the same time, it gives teachers a sense of who is in different parts of a school building. Unlike the paper version, a digital hall pass is a contactless option. It avoids the swapping of a physical pass between students. From a school safety perspective, a contactless hall pass is a great option.

In addition to creating a digital option to replace a traditional paper pass, e-hallpass also gives users the ability to establish and monitor consistent hall pass guidelines. With this feature, you can maintain consistency across your school building and include a level of accountability and transparency. This could even include spaces in a school building with limited hours of access or setting up permissions for students at certain times of day.

As you can see in the video above, e-hallpass is designed to be simple for all members of your school community to use. Instead of another task for teachers, this tool even allows students to check in and out through the digital platform. Within e-hallpass you can address issues from social distancing to concerns around students being in a place they shouldn’t be or with students they shouldn’t be with, during the school day.

Digital Hall Pass Dashboard

With the live dashboard from e-hallpass, you can keep track of where students are heading around a school building. This can help prevent small (or large) groups of students congregating when they shouldn’t be in a particular place or in a group of too many students together at the same time.

The live dashboard provides instant insight into all of the hall passes issued at a particular time. This feature is especially helpful during a school emergency where you want to make sure you’re aware of everyone’s whereabouts. It could also come in handy if there is an incident at your school and you want to check in on which students were in a classroom or moving between spaces at a specific time of the school day.

Real-Time Data on Hall Traffic

The live dashboard helps limit hall traffic and decrease meetups during instructional time. This platform collects lots of data in real-time. This data includes information like the minutes students spend away from instructional time. With this information you can tell if students are missing class frequently across the school day, too.

Ready to get started with e-hallpass? The price for e-hallpass is $2 per user but right now they are offering a 60-day free pilot opportunity — use this link to learn more and schedule a demo today!

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