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3 High-Quality Resources for Elementary Reading Classrooms

This post is in partnership with Capstone Pub.

Finding high-quality resources for elementary reading classrooms can be a challenge. This is especially true when we bring nonfiction text into the equation. When searching for elementary-friendly resources, we want to make sure they are high-interest and appropriate for young readers.

What I love about the resources from Capstone (the team behind PebbleGo) is that you have so many wonderful ways to use their offerings. If you’ve stopped by the blog before, you might remember this post featuring a handful of fun facts about PebbleGo.

In this blog post, I’ll share three resources for elementary reading teachers and their students. They are all from Capstone, and all include nonfiction reading materials for elementary students. As you take a look at this overview, you’ll notice that one might be a standout. Now, this isn’t to say that one is better than the rest, but for you and your students, one of these options might be the best fit for your needs.

Let’s take a look at these reading resources together!

Elementary Reading Resources

The team at Capstone has a variety of resources for elementary school educators teaching reading skills. There are nonfiction print books, nonfiction ebooks, and a robust research tool for K-3 students. Each one has clear benefits that support elementary school-aged readers.

high-quality resources for elementary reading classrooms can be a challenge

Nonfiction Print Books for Elementary

As someone who loves digital resources, I’m also a big fan of print reading materials. This year during remote learning, as I’ve worked with student readers at a distance, I’ve gone back and forth. Sometimes we read a paperback book under a document camera as I share my screen. Other days I share my screen and flip digital pages as we read together.

Capstone has an extensive library of nonfiction print books for elementary school students. As you can see in this list, there are many to choose from as you review their options. When you head over to this full catalog, you’ll find thousands of books and a keyword search option to narrow down the titles that appear. I love the range of books available here, and it’s a great reminder that students can bounce between print and digital resources.

high-quality resources for elementary reading classrooms can be a challenge

Nonfiction eBooks for Elementary Reading

With Capstone Interactive, students can access interactive ebooks by searching through a digital collection. On this page, you can access a free trial and search for titles in their library. Although print reading experiences are essential for students of all ages, children also need to be familiar with navigating digital reading experiences.

The ebooks in the Capstone Interactive digital library vary in subject level and reading level. You will find a wide selection of high-interest reading materials that cover subjects children will be excited to read about this year. With thousands of books at your fingertips, this option is perfect for remote learning environments where you want students to have quick access to “just right” books as they are learning at home.

Research Tool for K-3 Students

Do you conduct research with your elementary students? Students in Kindergarten through third grade can dive into informational text together to learn about new topics, thanks to PebbleGo! As a classroom teacher, finding the balance between literature and informational text was always on my mind. One of the reasons I’m so excited about PebbleGo from Capstone is how it makes it easier for students to read about high-interest topics.

resource for research for elementary school students

With PebbleGo, your early elementary students can conduct research on a variety of topics. It’s a fantastic resource for making connections across content areas, too. So if you are looking to incorporate more nonfiction text into social studies or science, this is a must-have resource.

As you can see from the descriptions above, one of these options might be a clear winner for your classroom. It’s not to say one is better than the other, but you know your students and their needs, and you can decide what is the best fit for your group this year. 

No matter what combination of resources you need, Capstone can help customize your reading classroom’s right digital materials. Explore all of their nonfiction options for students on Capstone’s website!

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