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Education Podcast Spotlight: How Education Today Tackles Top Issues

Where do you go to hear from the leading figures in education? If you are looking for insight and inspiration on the current state of teaching and learning, there is a new education podcast you’ll want to hear! It’s called Education Today, and each episode is packed with big ideas and actionable takeaways for everyone interested in education.

Education Today is a new podcast presented by Soundtrap for Education. Soundtrap for Education is one of my favorite creation tools. I’ve featured it on the blog in the past, and it’s even on the list of recommended EdTech tools in my new quick reference guide for ASCD. 

This new education podcast is for anyone interested in 21st-century education. The audience for Education Today includes teachers, technology specialists, administrators, instructional designers, and educators outside of the classroom. Their goal is to bring you insights on the topics fueling discussions in the field and to help you understand the trends and challenges facing everyone in education. 

Education Podcast Spotlight

Education Today features interviews with guests from a broad cross-section of education. You’ll hear from some of the leading authors and keynoters in education, along with classroom teachers, technology coordinators, district leaders, association leaders, and more. Most episodes also feature exclusive data insights provided by The Learning Counsel. Their data tracks trends in K-12 education that give listeners a better understanding of the market and information to make purchasing and instructional decisions.

Dr. Rod Berger, CEO of MindRocket Media Group, hosts this new podcast. His interviews and articles have appeared in a variety of publications, including Forbes, Huffington Post, Scholastic, edCircuit and EdTechReview India. He was also the host of a pair of live on-site podcast series at the world’s largest edtech conferences, Best of ISTE and Best of Bett, both presented by Soundtrap. 

Last year at ISTE, I sat down with Dr. Berger to talk about social media and storytelling. So when I heard he was hosting this new podcast, you can bet I hit the “Subscribe” button so I wouldn’t miss an episode.

New episodes of Education Today are released twice a month, and there are already several to dive into. In June, I’ll go into a few of the episodes in more depth, but today I want to give you an overview of what is currently available. One thing I love about this new podcast is that you can start from the first episode or jump around and choose an episode title that grabs your attention!

Education Today Episodes

Here is a breakdown of what you can hear on the podcast so far!

Episode 1: Going Deep on Education Podcasting and SEL

A new education podcast called Education Today includes episodes packed with big ideas and actionable takeaways for everyone interested in education.

The premiere episode of Education Today dives deep into two topics that are trending in education: podcasting and social-emotional learning.

Episode 2: How the Coronavirus is Influencing K-12 Decision-Making

With the coronavirus pandemic causing school closures globally, the show pivots to surface timely discussion with two education leaders about the challenges facing school leaders, teachers, and parents.

Episode 3: Digital Leadership and Improving Curriculum

In this two-part episode, learn more about how districts are approaching the digital transition and beginning to embrace, rather than simply accept, the need for technology in schools.

Episode 4: Storytelling in Education Evolves in the Age of COVID-19

With Covid-19 taking front and center on the world’s stage, causing widespread school and business closures, Dr. Rod Berger speaks to two educators, who are each master storytellers, to talk about the role of “storytelling” in education.

Episode 5: What Works in Distance Learning and Classroom Podcasting

This two-part episode features the voices and experiences of educators from K-20 to provide unique insights into distance learning based on discussions with leaders from across the globe, as well as the rise of podcasting to elevate student voice.

Episode 6: “Not Your Mama’s” Strategies for Connected Leadership & Learning

This episode features two interviews with expert practitioners who are leading the way in remote learning. It highlights best practices for engaging online instruction and insights into what one North Carolina district is doing to weather the pandemic.

How to Subscribe to Podcasts

The majority of podcasts are entirely free to listen to, and you can access them from different devices. I want to share how to subscribe to podcasts, so you don’t miss a new episode. In the screenshot below, the arrow points to where you can follow Education Today on Spotify. This is something you can do with a free or premium Spotify account.

A new education podcast called Education Today includes episodes packed with big ideas and actionable takeaways for everyone interested in education.

The significant benefit of subscribing to a podcast is that whenever a new episode goes live, the latest episode will automatically show up on your list. This way, you won’t miss an episode and will see as soon as you open up the app that there is a new episode waiting for you!

If you want to listen to Education Today on the web, you can use the Spotify web player (pictured above) or directly via the Spotify app. Of course you can listen on Apple Podcast or Anchor, too. To find Education Today on your preferred platform, just use this link.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this new podcast! Use this link to find all of the latest episodes, and press play on one that grabs your attention. If you share a link to this blog post or your favorite episode on social media, make sure to tag me @ClassTechTips and @Soundtrap!

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Blog Author and EdTech Consultant Dr. Monica Burns

Monica Burns

Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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