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See Beyond Behavior Podcast for Educators

Earlier this year consultant and author Torri Wright, reached out to share her new podcast, See Beyond Behavior. Are you following along with me on social media or on my email list? Then you know that podcasts have been front of mind for me this spring. As both a consumer and creator, this medium is powerful for learning and sharing.

I’m always excited to connect with educators who are passionate about topics I’d like to learn more about. Torri’s podcast covers a range of topics related to her expertise as behavior specialist. She was kind enough to answer a few questions about her work and new podcast. At the bottom of the article I include a handle of links. So you can check out the See Beyond Behavior podcast on your favorite podcast platform!

See Beyond Behavior Podcast

What was your inspiration for starting your podcast?

I started the podcast because I wanted to reach a larger audience and start conversations about areas of interest that otherwise may never talk to one another. For example, the world of education rarely sits down with case managers from the state for kids with disabilities, yet they serve the same child/family. Rarely, do we hear about pediatricians sitting down and talking with behavior specialists or school psychologists.

The hope was this podcast would open a door to breaking down silos that have been long-standing, limit our potential as a community and create unnecessary barriers and tensions. Let’s hear what others think, collaborate and then go back to our workplaces with new perspectives and topics to share that otherwise may not have crossed our path.

In a world where we are struggling to meet the needs of so many, we need to find ways to build community and this was our small way of attempting to build a safe and accepting tribe.

The See Beyond Behavior Podcast includes interviews and information on a variety of topics, led by behavior specialist Torri Wright.

What do you hope educators will take away from listening to your podcast?

I hope they find our podcast to be a great resource for insight, perspective shifting and hear other people’s journey. As a previous educator, I can recall just how amazing it was to work on a team, collaborate with my fellow colleagues and enjoy the camaraderie. They were like a second family.

Yet I do not recall going out of my way to hear more and understand what other professionals outside of education thought or what families were really going through. This was not because I did not want to, I did not think to. With a podcast bringing so many together, there are some amazing conversations bound to unfold.

Would you recommend a specific episode for someone just finding your podcast?

I think Episode #4 Parenting a Child w/ Challenging Behavior (“Carole’s story”) is pretty powerful. Episode #2 covers trauma-informed case in schools offers an opportunity to understand how things are shifting in the way we see the behavior.

How can educators use your podcast for discussion groups or PLCs?

Each episode will either have a dialogue with professionals, parents, or individuals who experience a world with a disability, therefore the insights within each of these episodes will offer a fresh perspective and open up dialogue into best-practices, building communications and relationships with families, and thinking outside of a current structure.

Connect with See Beyond Behavior Podcast

If you’d like to learn more about Torri Wright and her new podcast, you can follow along on Twitter (@TorriWrightSPED). Or check out one of these podcast links listen on iTunes, listen on Google Play (Android), or listen on Spotify!

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