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Free Meme Maker for Classrooms from Filmora

November 25, 2018

Have you seen a meme? A meme is an image that takes a playful spin on a concept. These are popular on social media, and to many they may just seem funny on the surface. Memes require creative thinking about a topic and a hand-picked visual to help get a message across. The folks at Filmora have a quick and easy-to-use meme maker for classrooms. It’s free for everyone and great for short classroom activities.

Meme Maker for Classrooms

Why would you want to use memes in the classroom? A meme is a type of media students are generally familiar with. It takes a funny spin on something and pushes students to be creative. They must have background information on a topic in order for their meme to make sense. This means that students will have to read, research and explore a topic before getting started.

Students might make a meme to share a digital citizenship tip. It could also be part of a public service campaign in your school. If you’re familiar with my “tasks before apps” mindset, then you already know that it’s really all about the learning goal.

What is it you want students to learn about? They can apply what they’ve learned in the form of a meme. Students might even upload their meme to Google Classroom or Seesaw. They can record a video reflection sharing their thought process, or write about their experience.

Free Meme Maker from Filmora

How does it work? First, open up Filmora’s website by using this link. They upload media files or use the link to the image. Note: For a fantastic library of royalty-free images, check out Unsplash. Then, students can place text anywhere and download their final meme.

When students use this tool they can place text anywhere – both inside and outside of the image. Students can edit the text font, color, size, and position. This tool lets students make video and gif memes too. You can trim out the unwanted part from the video with the built-in video trimmer feature.

Filmora Features

In the video below you can see Filmora in action. This video shows the steps for adding an image then adding the text. You can see how easy it is to alter the text, so it is “just right” for the meme you and students create. The video also shares a special giveaway they are hosting too.

There a few important features of Filmora’s meme generator you’ll want to know about. First, it is totally free and doesn’t even have a watermark. Since there is no registration required, students won’t have to need an email address. This feature is especially notable for students who have access to the Internet but do not have an email address or want to create a new account.

Ready to get started? You can use Filmora on the web or a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, and Android!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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