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A Blended Learning Tool for Creative, Cross-Curricular Storytelling

In the blended learning classroom, finding resources connected to your curriculum goals can take both a traditional and digital spin. The folks at Meridian Stories reached out to me this year to share their marketplace of classroom projects for cross-curricular storytelling. This tool gives teachers a way to access creative, multi-media projects and provides a space for students to share their work!

Cross-Curricular Storytelling

With student engagement, collaboration, and problem-solving as core focus areas, Meridian Stories includes digital storytelling units for classrooms. Featuring English Language Arts, history and STEAM topics, their goal is to help teachers connect their curriculum and standards to engaging learning experiences for students. Meridian Stories is designed for middle school and high school students. With both a marketplace of projects and a competition for students, you can certainly use this tool in a variety of ways.

Unique Learning Projects

Meridian Stories is a marketplace of unique projects for students. Each project asks students to work together to create a digital narrative. This experience can include a product that is short or long, and simple or complex. Student creations center around a curricular topic and clear learning goals.

Everyone Can Create Teacher Resources from Apple Education 4Each student project will involve research, content excavation, and organization. Students might also need to include scripting, filming, editing, and presenting to capture their learning in a digital storytelling format. The process is designed to be engaging and immersive for students. So as they create stories connected to their curriculum goals, they’ll have a deep practice in these critical skills. These skills include creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and digital literacy.

Meridian Stories supports teachers who might not feel super tech-savvy. Students can jump into the platform to explore while you focus on content mastery. There are over one hundred creative media-based projects in English Language Arts, History and STEAM. Each project is a two to four-week curricular journey for teams of students.

Showcase Student Work

In addition to providing a space for teachers to access projects, it also gives students an opportunity to share their work. With Meridian Stories, your class can showcase their work in a student-friendly competitive environment. The Meridian Competitions feature fifteen media-based competitions each year. Students also receive feedback on their work and teams earn digital badges too.

If blended learning is also a priority this year, you’ll want to explore the resources from Meridian Stories. Meridian is a non-profit with the goal of creating engaging learning opportunities for students. Through storytelling in the classroom, students can create narratives as they also build their content proficiency.

Introduce students to a collection of creative projects by heading over to Meridian Stories website today!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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