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Evaluate Effectiveness of EdTech Investments with NetRef

April 23, 2018

How can you tell if your EdTech investments are truly paying off? NetRef now provides real-time data for school leaders. It can help them evaluate effectiveness of EdTech investments and gauge return on investment on EdTech tools.

If you haven’t heard of NetRef before, classroom teachers and schools use this tool to personalize Internet access for each student or individual classes. With NetRef, teachers can pick and choose the websites they would like students to access during different times of the school day.

I hosted a webinar on behalf of the fantastic folks at NetRef earlier this year, and they’ve just announced some exciting news. They have released a new version of their tool. It can help schools figure out the return on investment with the EdTech used in their school.

Evaluate Effectiveness of EdTech

NetRef gives teachers easy-to-use tools to monitor and manage Internet access on any device in their classrooms, in real time. In addition to this management component, NetRef also now provides school and district reports on the usage of different tools. This means you can easily access information on the specific ways everyone in your school is using different EdTech programs to figure out which ones contribute most to student learning. With this information, school leaders can see which tools have high or low frequency use.

NetRef can help schools and districts evaluate the effectiveness of their EdTech investments by providing reports on the usage of different tools across all of the devices used in classrooms. Schools can use the new version of NetRef to make decisions about which EdTech programs to reinvest in or when to provide educators with additional training if certain tools aren’t being used effectively. With so many different types of educational technology tools introduced into classrooms, NetRef can help figure out what’s working. This can help schools make sure money is spent in all of the right places.

New NetRef Features

In addition to these new features for school leaders, NetRef 2018 has a few updates for classroom teachers too. There is now the option to create a classroom-level list of websites. With this list you can prevent access for certain websites during specific parts of the school day. You’ll also find that the updated version has a new interface. There are also automated rules, active directory integration, and attendance tracking for teachers.

When it comes to spending money in schools, gauging return on investment is so important! Head over to NetRef’s website to learn more about their special new features. readers can also access a free pilot of NetRef through the end of the school year! Here’s a page with more details about NetRef 2018 and directions on how to start the pilot process.

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