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Otus Student Performance Platform: LMS, Assessment + Data Warehouse

September 30, 2017

Early on in my time teaching in a one-to-one iPad classroom, I connected with the folks at Otus. This passionate, energized company jumped right into the EdTech space. They also work to support educators implementing one-to-one technology and using a mix of devices in their classrooms.

The team at Otus, is comprised primarily of long time K-12 teachers and administrators. They believe the key to leveraging the power of edtech lies within how well teachers can increase their efficiency and truly understand how technology is impacting student growth.

Otus Student Performance Platform

The Otus Student Performance Platform is a hybrid of three EdTech toolsets: classroom/learning management systems, assessment management tools, and the data warehouse. Each set of tools is able to leverage the other which makes it possible for teachers to implement a variety of initiatives around differentiated instruction, data-driven instruction, and standards-based grading.

LMS, Assessment + Data Warehouse

Otus is able to serve as a true teaching and learning platform that can be used by teachers, students, school leaders and families. Most importantly, Otus also allows teachers to integrate many popular content resources they love to use all in one place. Students can stay organized because all of the third party tools teachers use can connect to the platform. This includes Flipgrid, Newsela, and Kahoot – just to name a few. Otus serves as a “hub,” connecting data and providing the tools they need to do their jobs too. This is instead of having to navigate a dozen or so different tabs open on your web browser.

With Otus, families can support student learning at home. They can view a student’s portfolio, assessments, and communicate with teachers in one place. This is super helpful for family engagement and keeping an open dialogue about the work happening in your classroom. In addition to the powerful family connection, Otus helps school leaders support teachers. It also gives them visibility into all of the learning activities and engagement information gathered at the classroom level.

Otus is a free tool for teachers, their students, and the families of students. If a school or district chooses to implement Otus system wide, then they have the option for a subscription too.

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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