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Online Math Tutoring with Zeal Learning

August 25, 2017

Last year Zeal Learning served over 40,000 students with their online math tutoring service. Zeal’s tutoring platform enables you to get live math tutoring for your students. It’s for grades K-8, on common core objectives, in your classroom. I connected with the folks at Zeal this summer and their approach is definitely unique – live math educators interacting with students virtually.

Online Math Tutoring with Zeal Learning

If you haven’t experimented with online tutoring in the classroom, Zeal is a great tool for getting started. It follows a mastery learning philosophy that emphasizes strengthening foundational skills before students move ahead in math. This philosophy is connected to lots of intervention strategies for the math classroom.

How does it work?

In Zeal students practice problems personalized to their needs. As your students answer problems, Zeal automatically adapts to their skill level. It identifies knowledge gaps, and determines what they are ready to learn next. When the program determines that your student is ready for tutoring, a tutor joins your student using audio and a shared whiteboard to break down a problem. These sessions can help the student gain a deep understanding of the skill.

Teacher’s receive weekly progress reports on their class and can log into Zeal any time to get visibility into a student’s activity, growth, and achievement. Here they can access feedback from the tutors on student performance, as well as watch video recordings of their tutoring sessions. Zeal tutors are former teachers and math majors. They focus on developing critical thinking skills and instilling confidence during sessions. Students can log on Monday to Friday between 9AM to 9PM ET to access Zeal.

This fall Zeal is giving away a free year of math tutoring to 3,000 teachers. It will let students try out this innovative approach. You can sign up now to get an early release of math tutoring on 9/5/17 and get priority on the waitlist when you click here and use code CTT and get 10hrs/mo free until June 2018!

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