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Recap 2.0 Question and Answer Platform Inspires Student Learning Journeys

May 15, 2017

Over the past few months I’ve used Recap when leading teacher workshops. It can help demonstrate the power of technology to elevate formative assessment practices. Well the folks at Recap haven’t just upgraded their awesome video reflection tool, they’ve greatly expanded the platform to provide a space for teachers to create interactive learning journeys for students.

With Recap 2.0 teachers can gather student questions and create learning journeys that take them through a pathway full of new information. I love their tagline, “A Q&A platform where questions go to flourish” because it totally captures the idea behind Recap 2.0. It gives teachers a way to collect questions from students. Then they can act on this information all in one place so they can gather and discuss student questions first.

Recap 2.0 was developed by researching inquiry led practices and the science of curiosity. The folks at Recap already created an assessment feature that lets students respond to a prompt using a video recording, now the new features in 2.0 push students to pose their own questions that serve as inspiration for learning journeys.

Recap 2.0 Question and Answer Platform

Recap 2.0 Question and Answer Platform

So how does it work? A question queue called “Inquire & Ignite” lets teachers gather questions privately from their students and share them for a class dialogue. The teacher response to these questions are called The Journey. It’s a 60 second video that gives teachers the chance to provide the answer to a question. For example, “Why do I need to learn about this?” The video is just the start of a learning path with links to what is worth knowing about a question. The links can go to anything including YouTube clips, Nearpod lessons, Google docs, you name it!

Earlier this year I was introduced to the awesome tool Recap by Laurie Guyon – you can check out her Recap 2.0 Learning Journey here. What you’ll see in this example, is a video introduction by the teacher (Laurie). It includes three steps on a journey for students to follow. Laurie’s middle school students will click on the links on the righthand of the screen after they watch her video.

There is also a public side of the Recap 2.0 site called Discover. This space lets you publish, share, see and use other teachers Journeys with your class. The team at Recap is paying for teachers to produce during our Beta till mid-summer. After the Beta, Recap will use a model similar to Teachers Pay Teachers. This will include a $.99 flat fee for creators who decide to charge for their Journeys.

Learn more about Recap 2.0 and see more teacher-created Journeys by visiting their website!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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