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Right Decisions, Right Now Anti-Smoking and Anti-Tobacco Resources

May 13, 2017

I’m excited to help spread the word about the Right Decisions, Right Now anti-smoking and anti-tobacco resources for classrooms! If you haven’t heard of this initiative, it’s a totally free program full of educational materials for teachers and schools. Targeted for educators working with students in fifth through ninth grade, this age group at the highest risk of trying tobacco and these resources are design to reach students of this age.

Anti-Tobacco Resources

Right Decisions Right Now’s anti-smoking resources for teachers include Smart Board activities, surveys, interpersonal skill activities and lots more. I like how this organization has a list of websites for further exploration to use with students conducting research or looking for more information. There are activities broken down by different grade levels and units you can take students through. Right Decisions Right Now’s resources are designed both teachers and parents, and includes posters, brochures, videos and more.

The folks at Right Decisions Right Now are holding a classroom contest for teachers. The contest is open to United States residents who are currently employed full- or part-time as an educator by an accredited public or private K-12 school in the United States and closes on June 30, 2017. There will be four randomly-drawn winners who will each receive a $500 Staples gift card plus a printed Cost of Smoking wall poster.

If you’re interested in learning more about these resources as well as the contest, head over to Right Decisions, Right Now‘s website!

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