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Peergrade, Free Online Platform for Peer Feedback in Schools

April 28, 2017

How are you including peer feedback in your classroom? Peer feedback gives students an opportunity to share their work with classmates and review the work of others. Peergrade is a free online platform that lets teachers facilitate peer feedback sessions with their students.

Peergrade is a company working out of SingularityU Denmark founded by David Wind, a PhD student and lecturer at the Technical University of Denmark, who created the platform to use in his own class. The goal of Peergrade is to make peer assessment easier. With peer feedback, students get much more feedback than a single teacher could give them – especially if you are teaching large classes or multiple periods throughout the school day.

Peergrade, Free Online Platform for Peer Feedback

So how does Peergrade work? First, the teacher creates an assignment with a rubric. Then, students hand in their work. Next, assignments are randomly and anonymously distributed to other students for evaluation and feedback using the teacher’s rubric. Once this feedback loop is complete, students can rate the feedback they receive as helpful or not, and flag content for the teacher to see. The video below gives a great overview of Peergrade so you can see it in action!


Since Peergrade launched in 2015, it’s been used by every major university in Denmark, along with institutions in 35 countries, including the United States. Peergrade provides teachers with data driven insights and makes the experience of facilitating peer feedback completely customizable. Peergrade supports integration with most popular learning management systems. This means it’s easy to jump in to this online tool right away. As someone who values the importance of formative assessment and how technology can make data collection more sustainable, I’m really excited for the potential of Peergrade in the classroom.

Visit Peergrade’s website to learn more about this online platform for peer feedback!

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3 Responses to “Peergrade, Free Online Platform for Peer Feedback in Schools”

  1. Love the idea, but I have a couple of questions regarding applicability to my situation (tech integrator in a PreK-8 school):
    1. The program was designed and first used at university level. Would it work for middle schoolers?
    2. Does it integrate smoothly with Google Docs and Google classroom? Many teachers have difficulty dealing with multiple platforms.

    • Monica

      Hi Jack! Here are responses to your questions from the folks at Peergrade:

      1) It will definitely work for middle schoolers – but it will likely require a bit more scaffolding from the teacher’s side. While Peergrade started as a tool for higher education, more then 50% of the users today are from K-12.
      2) It is very easy to hand in documents from Google Docs already, and very soon there will be an integration to Google Classroom.

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