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Flybrix Drones for Schools: Build a Drone with Legos

April 17, 2017

Have you thought about using drones in your classroom? Well the folks at Flybrix sent me their Deluxe Flybrix kit earlier this year so I could try it out and share it with my readers. I grew up surrounded by Legos and was really intrigued at the idea of building a drone out of colorful Lego parts.

The team at Flybrix have developed a drone that is reusable even after a crash. It’s very easy to customize and the starter guide includes different types of configurations you can make depending on which Lego blocks you decide to include. I love the idea that there isn’t “one right way” to build a Flybrix drone and students can work though different iterations as they create their drone. With Flybrix you can access sensor data and tune motors to their Chrome Extension Configuration Software too.

Build a Drone with Legos

Flybrix Drones for Schools: Build a Drone with Legos

When I opened up my delivery I was up and running (with the simple build) in very little time. The directions included pictures with each step and plenty of blocks to use. I’ve built a lot of Lego creations. But it’s been more than twenty years since I’ve held Lego instructions in my hands. It didn’t take long to move through the step-by-step guide. In no time my drone was flying around my office.

I definitely see the potential for this type of technology in the classroom. From moving students through the design process, problem solving as students work towards a goal, and specific connections to your existing curriculum, the possibilities are endless. This past year as I traveled to speak at lots of different conferences, I’ve loved seeing student-friendly drones flying around an Expo Hall. Flybrix was easy-to-use and tasks can definitely be differentiated for a variety of skill and experience levels.

So what was missing? Well the only thing I wish I had when diving into this project were the female NASA pioneers you might have seen shared a few months ago by one of your Facebook friends. Hopefully I can take them for a spin on my Flybrix drone later this year!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

4 Responses to “Flybrix Drones for Schools: Build a Drone with Legos”

    • Monica Burns

      Hi Jody! I haven’t connected with them in a few years and it doesn’t look like they have been active on social media for sometime. You may want to reach out on their contact page to see if you can get a response.

  1. Hi Monica! Glad you share my excitement for FlyBrix! I’ve been developing a week-long FlyBrix summer camp. I’d love to collaborate on ideas you’ve come up with after using the product for a month. I can be reached via email or twitter (@rpetitto).

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