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5 Ways to Use Buncee in the Library

April 1, 2017

Buncee is a wonderfully easy and fun way to create digital content in your school library. This web-based creation and presentation tool allows educators and students to create visuals for a wide variety of lessons. There are so many ways to use Buncee in the library as well as in classrooms. This Padlet shows off some of the engaging activities taking place in classrooms.

Buncee’s creation tool library lets users incorporate many forms of media into their finished product. Videos, voice recordings, photos, 360 images, text, drawing, and a large library of graphics are all accessible within the Buncee creation canvas. Educators can even use formative assessments in the Buncee creations they send to students to check for understanding. If you are an English Language Arts teacher or librarian, you’ll definitely want to check out this list of different ways to use the fantastic creation tool Buncee in the library

5 Ways to Use Buncee in the Library

1. Book Trailers and Writing Workshops

The Buncee Classroom subscription offers video recording functionality that’s a perfect way for students to summarize a book or create a book trailer for their peers to watch. Students can utilize the Buncee creation tools to create a story or publish a piece of writing. Buncees can be printed out and shared at a publishing party to celebrate student writing. Using the QR code functionality, the digital versions can be accessed from the printed out Buncee. This blog post tells the story of one teacher who did just this with her students.

2. Branding Your Library

Buncee has created a category of library stickers and backgrounds too. You can use them to create library posters (digital or to print out) or images for your library website. You can even make prompts for your students asking them questions like, What is your favorite genre? This blog post from the awesome Shannon Miller shares more ideas for library stickers.

3. Buncee Buddies

Buncee Buddies is a digital pen pal project bringing together students and teachers from across the globe. The Buncee team’s goal for this program is to connect classrooms to share their creations, learn about other cultures, and make new friends along the way. This blog post shares more information about the project.

4. Creative Lessons & Projects

Buncee’s flexibility as a tool allows it to be used for all kinds of creative lessons and projects. One school librarian had her students use the creation canvas to make planet travel posters as part of their technology and media literacy course. This blog post goes into more detail about this special project.

5. Creation Stations

There are many ways to incorporate Buncee into independent time including stations. You can have a Buncee creation station in your library for students to share their own stories and examples of learning across the content areas. You can also use Buncee to create step-by-step instructions for stations and even maker spaces. This blog post has lots of ideas.

If you’re gearing up for School Library Month, I hope you can use these ideas as inspiration. Visit Buncee’s blog for more ideas!

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